Thursday, January 17, 2019

Thursday This n That

Well, it's Thursday. 

For the past two days, I did some working in the woods.  Tuesday night I ached so much, I promised myself I would take it easy on Wednesday.  Wednesday came and both Hubs and I went into the woods.  We worked for about two hours.  Now, we're both sore.  I predict there will be no exercising for either of us today.

We had a thunderstorm last night.  Thunder.  Last night.  January 17th.  Umm, yah.  It was also pouring rain and it sounded like we were getting sleet at one point.  Bleh.  Needless to say I did not sleep well last night.

Sleeping Ugly is still on sale.  Despite my best intentions, I didn't do much advertising on my own yesterday, but apparently it was enough to take SU from somewhere in the millions ranking to the 160Ks.  (Must've been KU downloads - no whole book sales yet.)  Increase in rankings was what the intentions were all about, so it's a win.  Get it out of the bottom before the paid ad goes live.

Live PD needs to be on every day.  Some days we can get by watching COPS reruns.  Sometimes we get our law enforcement fix by watching Police Women of...  But, yeah, Live PD is the crack.

Speaking of crack, I made my crack dip the other day.  Hubs finally tried it and agrees that it is, in fact, awesome.  It's just refried beans, salsa, and cheese - microwaved until the cheese melts.

After we left the woods yesterday, the turkeys came in.  They really seemed to enjoy all the spots we disturbed.  The whole rafter was down in there, pecking and scratching with wild abandon.

A group of turkeys is called a rafter.  Seriously.  Look it up.  Also, baby turkeys are called poults.

And I'm outta here.  What wild and wonderful things do you have to talk about today?

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  1. Live PD IS the crack! So is First 48 and Murder Squad: Atlanta. Northwods Law, Northwest Law, Lone Star Law (all dealing with game warderns), and Alaska State Troopers. Also, see if you can get the Crime & Investigation Channel. I watch reruns of 3 different SWAT shows--Dallas, Kansas City, and Detroit, that come on at 3 a.m. every night. Oh, and reruns of Cajun Justice on weekends. See? Crack. LOLOL

    A big flight of bats is called a cauldron.

    I got one book revised and re-released. Then this little engine that sorta could ran out of steam.

    And that's it for me. Boring life. Boring this and thats. ;)