Saturday, January 26, 2019

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 1/26/19

Here we are again - the fourth time this year.  Hard to believe 4 weeks have already gone by.  Since I spent most of the week reading All Things Great and Small, I didn't think I'd have much to review this week. And I wouldn't have if not for the DNFs.

New books:  Picked up a free ebook and a 99c ebook - both mysteries, but one is historical and the other is set in Ireland.  I also picked up a free MG general fantasy and another free MG fantasy about genies. And a 99c thriller.  Someone stop me before I one-click again.  =oO

And now, here's the reading list for this past week...

 8) All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot (1/25/19) - Memoir - 5 stars.  New for me to read, but I'd definitely heard of it.  And it is in no way underappreciated.  I picked this up for 50c from St. Vinny's.
Review: "Somehow, despite being totally animal crazy when I was a teen, with aspirations to become a veterinarian, I never read this book before now. It was pretty good. Fun and light for the most part. The other vet was more than a little annoying at times, but Herriot pulled through. And it had a very satisfying ending. =o)"

DNF - 1/25/19 - Tried one of the mysteries I had on my Kindle.  Got a little ways in and realized I didn't like the heroine.  Not even a little bit.  I think it was the 'shares custody of the dog with her estranged husband, and supposedly loves the dog so much she doesn't want to lose it in the divorce, but treats the dog like crap' thing.  Just give the dog to him already.  And the mystery hadn't even started yet.  Meh.  Got it for free, so no big loss.

DNF - 1/25/19 - Tried a UF about the fae.  Realized I totally was not in the mood for UF right now.   I'm saving this one to try again later, too.

DNF - 1/25/19 - Picked up a book I didn't remember reading.  Got a few pages in and the memories all came rushing back to me.  It's a really good book, but the memory's now too fresh for a re-read.  Maybe later in the year.


Not sure what I'll pick up next.  Three DNFs in a row yesterday made me not want to start anything new.  Plus, Live PD was on.

I'm also writing again, so we'll see how reading goes until that's done.  ;o)

What wonderful things did you read last week?  Anything I should swoop in and download?


  1. I did a re-listen of two Jayne Castle books in prep for the audio release of the third, which I'm listening to now: Amaryllis, Zinnia, and Orchid. They're SciFi romance, loosely aligned to her Harmony and Arcane Socieity series. Fun stuff. Also listened to a few books in two other series by Lani Lynn Vale, a new-to-me author. I've got more on hold. They're...oddly compelling despite the buttons they push. Bad-boy good guys romances. Yeah, I know. The heroes are all LEOs, firefighters, EMTs, Drs. etc but they belong to MCs or in one series, work for an auto repo company. I wouldn't be reading if they weren't free.

    That's about it for me. And yeah, I missed Live PD last night. I think I'm going to catch up this afternoon. :)

    1. I'm so glad you're finding stuff to read/listen to. Even if some of it isn't exactly knocking your socks off. Yay for a new-to-you author, though. =o)

      We never watch LivePD live anymore. It's on too damn late. Lucky for us, they show the previous week's episodes before the new episodes. I hope you got a chance to catch up yesterday.