Thursday, January 3, 2019

Goals for the New Year

Yeah, I don't do resolutions, so here are some goals I'm setting for myself this year:

1)  Read 90 books.  I read 95 last year with a hard publishing schedule, so I should be able to do at least 90 this year.

2)  Do something active at least 4 days a week.

3)  Publish at least two books.  I did four last year and two the year before, so somewhere between those should be doable.  :knocks on wood:

4)  Take more pictures.  I kind of got out of the habit of taking pictures last year.

5)  Read at least 12 new-to-me authors again, BUT also read at least 6 sequels to books I've already enjoyed and review those, too.  Sequels always have so many fewer reviews, but they need some lovin' too.

I think that pretty much covers the major goals for the year.  I had some weight loss on there, but since losing weight isn't the point of this, I dropped it.  If I lose weight, awesome.  If not, as long as I feel good and stay active, it's a win.

I also thought about putting some sales goals out there.  Umm, I don't have a lot of control over that, so why set myself up for failure?  I might still put something over at Outside the Box - publishing goals, etc.  We'll see.  I'm being leery this year about setting a publication schedule.  :shrug:

What are some goals you have for the year?


  1. Good goals. They sound doable. I'm working on my main goal--keeping my chin up. LOL