Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sunday Update - Week 4

Wow, January is kind of flying by.  I saw a meme the other day that called January the Monday of the year.  Yah, pretty much.

Okay, so I actually did some writing last week.  I picked the humorous SF project - tentatively called 'Evil Space Bunnies'.  It's rolling right along.  I'm averaging like 2K words a day.  And as long as I can keep the self-doubt away, I should actually be able to finish this sometime in the next 30 days or so.  I'm not promising this will be published any time soon or at all.  The positive thing is it has gotten me writing again.  Yay.

No editing other than what I do as I write.

I didn't do much in the way of marketing this past week.  I did set up a sale that will run from February 3rd thru 11:59pm on the 9th.  All of the Once Upon a Djinn books will be on sale and Bargain Booksy will be running an ad on the 5th.  Since my goal is to run one sale with advertising a month, I'm on track for that.  And with page reads, the SU sale has almost cleared the advertising, so I got that going for me.

I only finished one book last week - All Creatures Great and Small.  DNF'd a few others.  Not sure how much reading I'll be doing with ESB on my brain, though.

We do not want to talk about activity.  Despite my best intentions, I only did stuff like one day last week.  I'm holding steady at 180.0 pounds right now.  We had a little niggle with the exercise bike.  Apparently, it doesn't appreciate being continuously ridden for longer than 30 minutes at tension 6.  (That was Hubs, not me.)  It started to make a weird thumping noise on the down stroke of the left peddle.  We took the damn thing apart.  Didn't find anything.  Once we put it all back together later in the day - we had a something that interrupted the process - it worked fine with no thumping.  I'm guessing that when the flywheel inside overheats, it rubs against something.

The 'something' we had in the middle of the bike surgery was a cat thing.  Another UTI.  Yeah.  Not sure where those are coming from.  Anyway, they let me get meds without bringing the cat along, so that's something.  But I was warned that the next time this happens, I'll have to bring her in for a round of testing.  Meh.  She'll be 16 this year.  I expect the tests will show she's an old cat.  I give her the antibiotics and it clears right up.  Within 24 hours, she's back to her old self again.  Today, her only problem is that she can't figure out why I'm still giving her medicine.  Umm, because you have to use it all up, cat, or the infection will roar back.  Sheesh.  For the record, she's now eating IAMS urinary tract health formula kibbles.  She doesn't like it, but she is eating it.  A little.  I'm running on the theory that stale dry food is causing the UTIs.  She eats so little dry food that by the time she gets halfway down the bag, it's stale.  We throw out so much food.  Sheesh.  This time, I took the bag of food and separated it into freezer bags.  One bag to eat, the rest in the freezer until she finishes a bag.  Defrost and feed.  Should keep the stuff from getting stale and maybe prevent her UTI.  Right.

Oh, and yesterday, we cleaned the carpet in the office.  Moved everything but the bookcases and the desks.  At any rate, I was offline between 8am and 5pm, when the carpets were finally dry enough to move everything back and plug everything back in.  Hubs did most of the work, except for moving some stuff.  Not sure why it all made me so tired.  LOL

Okay, well, that's plenty out of me for the time being.  What's been going on in your world?


  1. You got stuff done. Sorry about Kira. :/ Hubs needs to take it easy on the bike. Or pack it with ice packs. LOL And super yay on all those new words! You go, woman!

    As for me... Same old boring. Not much writing. No editing. No exciting books read/listened to. I'm ready for January to be over. Not sure why. Time flying is my biggest fear at the moment.

    Procrastination is my BFF. I need a new BFF but I don't want to hurt Cras's feelings. ;)

    I need a nap. Despite four cups of strong coffee and the fact it is only 10:30. I also need to make a Wallyworld run. I should go today rather than tomorrow. Warm today, cold tomorrow. I'll think about it.

    Okay, time to look at cat memes. Later, tater. ;)

  2. Hooray for the 'Evil Space Bunnies'! I was hoping you'd pick that one!

    January went by *far* too quickly. I'm not ready for February yet. Heck, I'm not ready for Monday!

    Hugs to Kira and her UTI. She has my sympathies. Churchill is back on antibiotics for his recurring abscess, and some nights (like tonight) more wound up on me than inside him. Sigh.

    Still poking away on the dressmaking book. :-)