Thursday, September 20, 2018

Thursday This n That

I ordered a new crock pot this week.  My old one developed a crack in the ceramic liner.  Oh well.  Time for me to try one that doesn't have a tendency to go nuclear on Low.  I went to Amazon.  Found a Proctor-Silex model with really awesome reviews.  Went to order it and there's no order button.  Because it's only available to Prime members.  :eyeroll:  Clicked over to the white version of the same damn crock pot.  About a $1.50 more expensive, but available to lower life forms like me.  Sorry Big A, but I order so infrequently that Prime doesn't do me a damn bit of good.  And I ordered my new keyboard, too, so I got free shipping.  They should be here next week.

Yes, I will post a review of the new keyboard once I get used to it.

And the crock pot, if anyone's interested.

The day the crock pot cracked, I was making barbecue chicken.  Put some apple juice in the bottom of the crock pot (enough to cover the bottom by about 1/4"), slap a couple chicken breasts in there, season to taste (salt, pepper, chili powder, onion powder).  A couple hours later, liberally dollop some peach jelly on those suckers.  An hour later, pour your favorite BBQ sauce over them.  Once you can push on one of the breasts and have it start to flake apart, take the chicken out (another hour maybe).  Put it on a plate and use a fork to pull it apart.  Slide the meat back into the slow cooker.  Add more BBQ sauce and peach jelly.  Season to taste again.  Wait about another hour and serve.  I did mine over toasted buns and Hubs put his over mashed potatoes. 

Sometimes without warning I am known to say 'yippity skippity boink-boink-boink' in relation to nothing.  Sometimes I sing it.

For some reason, we've had a lot of praying mantises around lately.  Gross.  I was weeding and had one jump out onto my arm.  I got to show off my ninja moves then.  That night, I had three of them on my bathroom window as I was brushing my teeth for bed.  The next day I was weeding again and one popped out of the pile I was raking.  The other day Hubs was mowing and there was a HUGE one in the grass.  He went to move it and it stabbed him with one of its claws.  Lucky he was wearing gloves.  :shudder:  I hate praying mantises.  I mean, they're kind of interesting to watch - especially when they're eating their mate - but... :shudder:

We have far too many bugs here.  As far as I can tell, it's the only downside to living here.

Okay, that's probably quite enough out of me this morning.  What have you got going on in your this n that world?


  1. I love praying mantises! They eat bugs that eat my struggling garden. If only they ate grasshoppers!

    Um, cook? Isn't that: open can, heat, pour into bowl?

    No wonder I have no interest in food. ;-)

  2. I'm with Deb. Praying mantises (mantisi?) are cool. I've had some big crock pots crack. Don't know what's up with that. My current one has a hairline. I use liners now. Easy clean-up and no worries if the crack gets bigger. Why not use chicken tenders/boneless breasts? Less mess and work. ;)

    I'm in a slump. It sucks. Except I want to write bear shifters--no characters or story but...*makes grabby hands* Stupid Iffy.

    I'm thinking chili or spaghetti for dinner tomorrow night if it rains and cools off. Tonight I'm on my own with the boys. I'm thinking maybe Jersey Mike's. They love the giant #9.

    Speaking of fast food, my favorite pizza place--Papa Murphy's--where I grab a pizza every Tuesday for ten bucks and love because it's unbaked and you bring it home and bake when you're ready to eat and it's all yummy is closing it's local store for reasons. I'll have to go 8-10 miles one way to get to one of the next closest stores. This gives me a huge sad.

    I'm sure there's something fun and/or cool going on but I can't think of anything. OH! I cleaned the dog pools today. We're supposed to get 3-8 inches of rain starting late tomorrow, which we need. Cleaning the pools is like washing the car--pretty much guarantees precipitation. And JGG has 2 soccer games Saturday afternoon. Unless it rains.

    Okay. Time for a shower. Half the day is gone and I've accomplished nothing. Shower. Errands that should have been done yesterday but I thought I'd broken the garage door cable and it was in the up position so I couldn't leave because there have been some thefts in the neighborhood and when LG got home and looked at it, it wasn't broken, but that's a long story and this is a run-on sentence so nevermind. LOLOL

    Later, tater!