Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sunday Update - Week 38

Well, here we are again.  The last full week of September is done.  Next week, it's October.  Fun fun fun.

I didn't do nearly enough writing last week.  In my defense, I painted myself into a corner and I wasn't sure how to knock a hole in the wall, or which wall to knock one in, or whether to traipse across the wet paint and take a new direction.  All I know is I have just over two weeks to get this first draft done because around about the 15th, I'll be getting my edits back for Unequal and will have to focus on that.  Plus, I'll be hearing from my cover artist shortly and she'll want to know what I'm thinking for the cover of UatB, which will definitely be easier to tell her if I have a completed book.

I had a flash sale on Friday.  Wish in One Hand and In Deep Wish were both on sale for 99c.  I had planned to splash it all over FB throughout the day.  Then I woke up feeling like crap.  (Technically, I felt like crap the night before.)  So, I got a couple posts up first thing and then spent the rest of the day in my recliner.  By the time I remembered to post some more, the sale was almost over and I didn't bother.  Needless to say, sales were not awesome.  They were there, though, so I'm not totally disappointed.  And I'm seeing some more page reads again.  Better than a sharp stick in the ear, lemme tell ya.

Reading did not go well last week.  I ended up DNF'ing three books and only read one all the way through.  And it was a Spillane, so I was pretty much guaranteed a good read there.  I think it also set the bar kind of high for subsequent reads afterward.  But I'm fairly certain I would've DNF'd those books even if I hadn't just finished reading an awesome bit of writing.

Exercise/activity kind of sucked, too.  I started out pretty good and did the first four days.  Then Thursday hit and I started to feel kinda crappy, Friday was a total wash, and Saturday was rehab day.  I didn't eat much those days, so it wasn't a total fat fest.

My new keyboard is awesome.  I'm still getting used to it, but hey, even with the learning curve, it's still better than the last one.  What a piece of crap that was.  Urg.

My new vacuum is also awesome.  It sucked up dirt I didn't even know I had. 

Haven't tried the new crock pot yet.

The bucks are continuing to tussle off the backyard.  It's cool, but kind of scary.  I hope they don't hurt each other.  I really hope none of them lock antlers.  Not sure how we'd handle that if they did.

I've been looking at bricks to use in a retaining wall kind of thing.  Man, those things are expensive.  But I noticed one of my new neighbors has a stack sitting off to one side of his house after the renovations they did.  Unfortunately, they're summer people and I haven't met them, so finding out if he's willing to sell them to me will be kind of difficult.  Lucky for me, there's no deadline for this project.

And that's about it for me this week.  What have you been up to?


  1. Leave a note for the neighbor introducing yourself and asking. Easy peasy. When they find the note they can contact you or not. :)

    Last week was a loss for me, too. If I had the money, I'd find a compound somewhere, buy, and fortify it for the family. I'm so disgusted with a portion of this country that my blood pressure has been hovering at explosive anger level for days now. It's affecting my writing and that pisses me off to. 'Nuff said.

    I was enjoying my relisten of these paranormal series until the author either inserted her own political feelings into a character or she pandered to that particular segment. I'm continuing with the book because I like to story. Mostly. There are a crap-ton of authors I don't read anymore for that very reason. I have strong political views--as you know--but I don't alienate any readers by espousing it in my fiction or on my social media, despite the very strong urge to do so.

    It's drizzly. I was out this morning cleaning dog pools. While waiting for the big pool to fill, I sat in the cool and felt the drizzle on my face--like tiny efferscent bubbles falling from the sky to land on me. It was peaceful.

    I've done snippets. That's it. See above for non-writing reasons. I need to fix that. Which is the same ol' song. I'm just a broken record.

    That pretty much sums up my current existence. I think I'm going to back away from the keyboard and go do something I totally hate--shopping for shoes, or more precisely, boots. I need a new pair. *sigh* I've already looked once and didn't anything that fit or was comfortable. Maybe I'll get lucky today. Or not...

    Later, tater.

  2. Three days Dad-sitting, one day writing, lost all the others somewhere. And now I have a cold and can't think.

    Off to find a book to hide in. May next (this?) week be better for all of us!