Saturday, September 22, 2018

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 9/22/18

Here we are again at another Saturday.  I managed more reading than I thought I would, but that's because the writing is slow going right now.

I did not buy or download any new books this week.

68) Mum's the Word for Murder by Brett Halliday (9/20/18) - Crime Novel - 5 stars.  Not new to me, but probably underappreciated.  I've had this old (1953) paperback on the shelves forever.
Review: "Fun old crime novel. The premise was interesting - the story being told from a novelist's point of view while he tags along with the actual detective. I enjoyed the twists and turns. I half-expected one person to be behind the killings and then somewhere along the way, I got an idea of what might be happening. Sure enough, my theory was right. And it was all wrapped up nicely, if a bit abruptly."

67) Outback Summer by Nancy John (9/15/18) - Romance - 4 stars.  New to me and with really low reviews, but that's to be expected from an early '80s romance (before online reviewing was created)
Review: "Typical early eighties romance novel. Definitely written before the PC culture invaded, which is kind of refreshing every now and then."

DNF 9/20/18 - Paranormal Mystery?  I picked this up on a whim.  And it was pretty good.  Well, except for the profusion of typos.  Seriously, people, proofread!  Anyway, I didn't put it down because of the typos.  I just realized I didn't like the MC and I didn't see myself getting to a point where I would like her.  I think I made it about 15% of the way in.  (Nope it was 31%.)  And as I was laying in bed that night, debating on whether to keep reading, it occurred to me that there was no way I was going to be able to give this more than 3 stars.  So why waste more of my time?  If that makes any sense.

DNF 9/16/18 - Memoir.  I've owned this one forever and I always mean to read it.  Well, I started it and I just wasn't in a place to read about a family moving to Alaska, so I stopped about ten pages in.  I'm keeping it.  I'll read it eventually.


I haven't started a new book yet. We'll see what the week holds.

What have you been reading lately?


  1. I'm bad. I'm mostly sticking with the tried and true with relistens as I wait on some new stuff that will be out eventually. I've got one I'm probably going to DNF. The book is okay but predictible. I still have it open but I've moved on to other stuff. I should just delete it and send it back. (Subscription read so I'm not really out anything.)

    1. That's not bad. Hey, I drop back to old romances and crime novels all the time when the new stuff fails me.

      Yep, life's too short to keep reading something that's not exciting you.