Sunday, September 23, 2018

Sunday Update - Week 37

Thirty-seven weeks into 2018.  What a ride.  And we're just about done with September.  How'd that happen?  Blerg.

Okay, so anyway, here's how the week went for me:

I rolled over 32K words on Ugly and the Beast.  Not dreadful, but also not awesome since I'd planned to be just about done with this sucker by the end of September.  It doesn't look like it's working out that way.  Those days I did manage to write, I'd type furiously until I was pretty sure I had a few thousand words out, only to discover I'd barely done a thousand.  Which is kinda disheartening.

Friday, my Createspace letter finally came and I transferred all my paperbacks over to Amazon.  More on that tomorrow at Outside the Box

Then Friday, I spent some drudge time working on my back matter and front matter for all my books.  More on that, too, tomorrow at Outside the Box.

On the activity front, I only managed to be active 4 days out of 7.  Wednesday-Friday I just couldn't muster the gumption.  I did manage to drop another two tenths of a pound, though.  I'm chalking it up to heavy-duty yardwork early in the week and managing to eat less than I was burning.

Let's see... What else went on?  I think I've already talked about the crock pot and the keyboard.

Oh, yeah, it finally rained yesterday.  We've been kinda dry here lately, so that was welcome.

We've been seeing some odd birds lately.  It's migration time again, so it's not surprising.  But a couple of them were birds I'd never seen before - a male and a female of what I think are black-throated green warblers.  Cute little buggers.

Speaking of birds, we had a hummingbird ditch into the picture window.  I looked out the window and was pretty sure he was laying there with a broken neck - head all cocked to one side with his wings akimbo.  I went out to give comfort in his last minutes, but he wasn't broken.  YAY!  He just needed some tender love and care for a few minutes.  Then he flew away to the redbud and sat there for a while.  He finally flew off.  All is well.

And that's enough out of me today.  What's going on in your world?


  1. I've procrastinated. I really need to shut off the internet completely until line edits are done. They are due tomorrow and I haven't even looked at the document, nor have I done writing beyond snippets. *sigh*

    We had lots of rain Friday--about 3 inches. The AC is off for atleast a day or two. Big YAY! I get tired of HVAC year-round.

    So glad your hummer recovered! That would have been a total downer if he hadn't. :/

    I got on the gazelle for about 20 minutes one day. I'm in a real funk and nothing seems to work despite all my best intentions.

    And I need to end there because if I don't, I'll sit here for the next hour stalling. It's just line edits, for Jiminy Cricket's sake. Well, and a few "add more emotion here" stuff, plus accepting all the cuts the editor made to make word count. *sigh*

    Okay. I'm outta here! Later, tater.

  2. Yay for words! I sympathize with fewer showing up than ought to - I've been having that problem myself.

    Hooray for rain! We had a little, but I'm hoping for more.

    Got some work done, but not as much as planned. Can't even complain the muse has gone on vacation. It's more like the blues moved in.

    Here's to more words for all of us!