Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sunday Update - Week 36

So, here we are in the middle of September.  Not sure how that happened.  I guess publishing four books in a year (three down, one to go) will do that to a gal.  Well, that and other things.  :shrug:

Okee doke, here we go...

I slacked off last week on writing.  I'm at just over 27K words.  I hit that thing I talked about earlier in the week over at OTB and fell flat on my face.  So, I spent some days not thinking about it.  Friday and Saturday I sat my ass down with a notepad and really thought about where I was at and where I was headed. I'm hoping to get some major writing done today.

Work began on the cover for Unequal.  Umm... yah.  I know what I want to do, but I don't think it'll be what dystopian readers are looking for.  Lord knows, I thought the first cover I did for Blink was awesome and it flopped.  The second cover of that ain't blowing people's skirts up either.  If my cover artist wasn't up to her eyeballs in work, I'd see what she could do.  I do have a slot in her schedule next month, but that's supposed to be for the cover of UatB.  And I need that done, so I think I'll leave it.  Cross your fingers for me on Unequal's cover.

I finished reading four books last week.  Three of them are on my reading update and the fourth got finished yesterday.

I've been trying to think of some kind of marketing plan for this month, but meh.  I should've been thinking about Sept marketing in Aug.

The ol' activity thing fell down last week, too.  Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday I did some form of exercise.  Wednesday I cleaned.  The other days I sat on my ass for the most part.  Still, I managed to reach a milestone on Friday and finally got below 180.  Two-tenths of a pound below, but hey, there's a seven in the tens spot after about a decade, so I'm ecstatic.  Anyway, I think I lost some weight (technically, about a half a pound overall) despite my laziness because I ate smaller portions of smarter foods.

Oh, hey, one of this year's fawn has tiny baby buttons*!  He's so cute!  I love it when you can finally tell their genders.  Unfortunately, they're all losing their spots, too.  My babies are growing up.  :sniffle:

We've been seeing a lot of different birds in the yard again, so I'm declaring migration is in session.  At least here in MO.  We've had a girlie tanager hanging around (not sure if it's a Summer or a Scarlet) and a vireo (either a Warbling or a Red-Eyed) and some different little warblers.  I love migration season.  Soon, we'll have Bald Eagles again!

Well, I guess that's it for me this week.  How are things in your little corner of the world?

*Antler buds.


  1. I hope you solved your plot-twist dilemma. Getting stuck can be so frustrating.

    Yay for baby buttons!

    My aunts have headed back to the west coast, and I finally got some work done: A couple of pages in the dressmaking book, but only 1/2 a page in SR. Still, better than nothing! :-)

    May next week be more productive for all of us.

    1. LOL, nope. I'm just muddling through.

      Thanks! I'll get a pic of him if I can.

      Yay for the aunts going home and getting work done!

      I hear that!

  2. You're week was far more interesting than mine! Yay on the weight loss and all the other good stuff. Boo on the not-so-good.

    I did very little writing. On anything. Snippets. That might turn into scenes. And deadlines are breathing down my neck again. *flail*

    You got my reading update yesterday. I think. If not, it'll be on my blog in the morning. ;)

    I did manage to craft a book trailer. Impressed myself, I did. I hope to get trailers done for all the series, if not individual books.

    I spent today fixing pages on a website. Not my own. One of the board members had her daughter update the whole site. Except the old pages didn't fit the new theme they picked. And the coding didn't translate exactly so there were broken links. Took me six hours of frustration to find the last one on the pages I'm responsible for now that I've taken NRCA back. *sigh* I would have much rather been watching TV or listening to a book.

    And seriously? That's about all I did this week. I did get on the gazelle one day. I meant to get on it every day. Maybe this coming week. I really need to in order to work the stiff and kinks out.

    Here's to a new and better week for all!

    1. Thanks!

      Bummer. It sounds like we were all less than productive last week. =o\

      Yep, got the reading update. Go, you! I saw the book trailer. You rock. Ugh on the other website woes. One day on the gazelle is a start. Yay!

      Here here. I'm all for it!