Saturday, September 29, 2018

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 9/29/18

Hello again.  I didn't read in quantity this week.  The one DNF book and the one finished book weren't fast reads and the other DNFs wasted my time.

And despite yesterday's post at Outside the Box, I did manage to find a couple new books to try - both of them from FB groups.  I won't share the titles anymore, in case they don't pan out for me.  Both are suspense/thriller, though.

I also picked up some used books that will be making their way through here - a mystery, a fantasy, a military action/adventure, a couple literature, and a historical.  Oh, and an old book on sculpting.  That's not a reader.  It's for our collection.

69) The By-Pass Control by Mickey Spillane (9/28/18) - Thriller - 5 stars - Not new to me, but probably should be more appreciated than it is.
Review: "Typical awesome Tiger Mann novel by the most excellent Mickey Spillane. I'm sorry he didn't write more of these."

DNF - 9/28/18 - Suspense - I got about 10% in and the writing was so bad I had to put it down, which kind of sucked because I was really into the premise.  This was a new to me and low-star read, and I can see why.  The worst part was the dialogue, I think.  So wooden.

DNF - 9/28/18 - Fantasy - An old favorite I picked up at the thrift store.  I got about twenty pages in and realized I wasn't in the mood for it.

DNF - 9/24/18 - MG Fantasy (the MCs were like 13/14, that's MG, right?) - New to me and middling stars.  I set it aside at 29%.  It was annoying me. It seemed like the author was explaining things that didn't really need explaining, things that simple logic would have reasoned out.  Maybe it wouldn't irritate the correct age range for reading MG.  Then again, I've read plenty of MG that didn't over-explain.  They're kids, not stupid.

And that's it for me.  Not sure what I'm reading next.  Probably something to do with crime, since fantasy keeps pooping out on me, I'm not feeling the SF vibe, and I'm not in a paranormal place right now.  (Update: I started a new suspense before bed last night.  So far, it's pretty interesting with no major flaws.  Fingers crossed.)

Read anything worth talking about?  Pick up any new books?  Pick up any old books? 


  1. I'm doing a re-listen to a "conjoined" paranormal romance series. They're down and dirty when it comes to sexy times and violence. Despite the current political atmosphere, I do like me some alpha males. Unapologetically.

    I did grab a few KU books and one on sale. I reviewed my former critique partners WWII historical romance with a touch of paranormal after a KU skim. I was there for every step so I didn't really need to read. LOL I grabbed SILENT BLADE a scifi by one of my favorite writing teams collective known as Ilona Andrews. There's two books in the series and I've pretty much read everything else by them. It was on sale so I went ahead and grabbed it. I also have book titled PESTILENCE from KU. It's an urban fantasy dealing with the end of the world by way of the Four Horsemen. It's is waaaay dark and violent. I need to be in the right head space and I'm not there at the moment.

    Keep on reading! :)

    1. Sounds like you had some fun stuff to read this past week and some interesting stuff to look forward to. Yay.

      I inhaled one of my new books yesterday. I'll talk about it next week, but I think you might enjoy it. It's called The Krewe by Seth Pevey - it's a suspense set in New Orleans. And it's on KU. Unfortunately, it's his only book so far, so I'll have to wait for more. Blerg.