Sunday, September 9, 2018

Sunday Update - Week 35

It's time again for another Sunday Update.

I've been chugging right along on the writing.  Ugly and the Beast is now at 26K (I started last Saturday with 13K).  I know who the beast is now.  I think.  It may be a kind of 'one actual beast, one metaphorical beast' thing.  We'll see what my brain comes up with along the way.

I haven't done much writerly stuff otherwise.  Very little marketing, which means very little sales.  And I'm not at a spot right now where anything needs to be edited.  It's all about the writing, baby.

Right now, I feel like I'm writing total crap.  Somehow I got spun into this alternate storyline running concurrent with the plot and I'm not sure if it works.  But I'm running with it.  For now.  If it sucks, I'll fix it in edits.  Oh, and I came up with the ultimate plot twist, game-changer, shocker of all shocks.  But it might not be revealed until Book 3.

I read some last week.  One of the books was a totally awesome urban fantasy, which sort of lead me to a problem.  It was so good, I felt the voice of UatB changing.  So, I'm swearing off anything paranormal until after I get this book set in my head.  This hasn't happened in a while.  Maybe I'll talk about it tomorrow on Outside the Box.

Tuesday I thought I saw some telltale signs of Kira coming down with a urinary tract infection again.  But Wednesday she was fine, so I thought maybe I was just being a Nervous Nelly.  Umm, nope.  Thursday I woke up to a messy kitty.  I'll spare you the details.  Anyway, I waited until 8am and called the vet.  He's on vacation until Monday.  Awesome.  They give me a referral to another vet.  They're full-up.  I google and locate a vet I didn't even know existed about ten minutes from here.  She's been in business for 22 years at that location.  Derp.  She can get Kira in at 11.  Woohoo.  Long story shortened a bit, the drive was easier on Barfy Kitty, she seemed to be more relaxed through the whole thing, and the people there were very nice.  She's got a long-lasting antibiotic shot and life is good.  I guess we have a new vet now.  Yay.

Friday, I bathed the cat.  I didn't have the heart to put her through a bath on top of the vet visit, and truth be told, I wasn't really up to bathing her that day either.  Upside is she's a really good cat, so baths aren't an exercise in filleting the mommy.  She just sits there in the tub and meows pitifully until it's over.  But I do have to kneel over the tub for 15-20 minutes.  I counted that as my exercise for the day.

Speaking of which, I did something active every day last week.  Most of the days were actual exercise and walking.  I even walked the day I bathed the cat. No weight change at this time.  :shrug:

Okay, I think that's it for me.  How'd your last week go?


  1. It went. Sort of in a blur. I can't of anything of note that I did. Which sorta sucks. On a high note, I'm listening to the latest JD Robb book, LEVERAGE IN DEATH. As of this typing, I'm about 3 hours out from the end of an almost 14-hour narration. I haven't figured out the perpetrators yet...but I think one might have just popped up on the radar. :D

    Other than that and some family stuff, not much going on. I need to get my arse to work, huh? ;)

  2. Yay for progress! Hugs to Kira.

    I got a fair bit of writing done before I went on a reading binge. Right now my brain (what's left of it) is FRIED. I gotta get over my reading addiction.