Thursday, September 13, 2018

Thursday This n That

Hubs and I were looking for something to watch on Sunday night, so we checked out The Miniaturist on Masterpiece.  Wow, was that ever weird.  So, afterwards, I went to the internet to see what it was all about.  Read the reviews of the book.  From the sounds of it, it doesn't get any less weird, so we're done watching.  Plus, it's 'critically acclaimed', which always makes me want to run.  If I'd done the research beforehand, we wouldn't have wasted an hour being confused.

I didn't do a post on Tuesday because it would've either been 'business as usual' or 'heavy-duty ranting'.  BAU seemed inappropriate for the day.  And HDR seemed pointless. 

Two weeks ago a package was supposed to arrive at my home address through the USPS.  It never showed.  It wasn't sent with tracking, so we had no idea where the hell it went.  Inside was some work for me to do and a check.  After waiting, the office re-copied all the paperwork and cut me another check.  That package - exactly like the missing one - arrived Monday.  I took the check to the bank on Tuesday and while I was out that way, I skipped over to the post office to check my PO Box and clean out the usual crap.  (I never get real mail there. I only have one so I can have a physical address to use online without putting my actual address out there.)  Lo and behold, the missing package was in my PO Box.  Some numbnuts had taken it upon themselves to rubber stamp it with a notification to let people know my address was a PO Box.  Umm... it had an actual physical address on it and we receive mail here, so I'm not sure what the hell...  As you can see, I'm still pretty riled up about the whole thing.  Just deliver my freakin' mail to the address written on the goddamned envelope, will you?  Luckily, the office did not stop payment - which costs them $30 a pop - or I would've been really pissed.

On the upside, I have an advance payment on my next group of work.  (Office wanted to do it that way, and who am I to argue?)

Living in the back of beyond has many advantages and a few disadvantages.  Like the local businesses can't find quality help.  Or maybe that's not just rural.  It seems like the quality of the workforce is dropping everywhere. 

Speaking of which, my local Wallyworld seems to be having issues.  There are whole sections of shelving with nothing on them.  For instance, I needed mousetraps.  I went in one week and there were no mousetraps, so I brought it to someone's attention.  They said the computer showed they had 11 in the back, but since they came in 16 packs, that couldn't be right.  They were sure there'd be some next week.  Next week, still no mousetraps.  I found the manager for that area - she's a cool gal - and showed her what was going on.  She was still showing 11 in the back, and yeah, that wasn't right.  So she was going to order another 16.  I told her to order more than that because mouse season is approaching.  She did so.  Lo and behold, the next time I went in they were flush with mousetraps and I bought 12.  (We go through a lot of mousetraps here.  Those buggers love our garage.)  So, are the empty spots on the shelves all there because they think there are more in the back, but there aren't?  Computer error?  Maybe.  But shouldn't some human be checking on that?  Makes me want to go work down there just to fix the errors.  Know what I'm sayin'?

Yesterday morning, Hubs found a toad in his bathroom.  Not sure how the little bugger got in there.  It was sitting on his toilet seat between the lid and the seat.  (We keep our lids closed so Kira won't be tempted to play in the water.)  Now the question is: If a toad can get in, could a snake also get in?  :shudder:

Okay, well, that's probably quite enough out of me for one day.  What's on your radar today?


  1.'ve had a week.

    My Wallyworld just went through a several-months-long reset of the whole store. Upgrading. For months, stuff wasn't on shelves and whole sections were moved, leaving me to track through the new configuration to find stuff. Now they are resetting again (empty shelves and stuff all willy-nilly) as they rest for high-point beer and wine to be sold. All the groceries moved again. *sigh*

    I did a thing. Well, a couple of things. I grabbed an app for my desktop to use to "score" music. I played with it and came up with a 1:16 bit of music. Then I went in search of an app/software to do video. Like iMovie for Mac. I discovered there's a way to make videos from "slides" in Microsoft Pictures. It's not as good as iMovie, where you can fade in and out, etc. first try is on my FB so...there's that. I'm pleased, Especially with the music.

    No writing. Just snippets. I need to fix that. Like today.

    The hummer(s) are busy at the feeder. I guess they're stocking up for migration.

    When it rains, it pours. I put several library ebooks/audio books on hold. Then I found one on Audible Romance that intrigued me. I'm listening to it, though I haven't been listening straight through. Yesterday, an ebook hit. Today, an audio book hit. People are waiting on me, even though I have two weeks. But the book I'm listening to is excellent so I don't want to stop in the middle. So now I feel guilty. Ah well.

    And...that's about it for me. Later, tater.

  2. My aunts are here visiting from the west coast. Both are lovely women, and I adore them, but I'm soooo tired of running around town with them - I'm the navigator, since Mom insists on driving but gets confused occasionally (so do I, so I can't take the keys away). But her idea of fun is taking them shopping.