Thursday, September 6, 2018

Thursday This n That - Commercial Edition

The Liberty Mutual commercials irritate the crap out of me.  OMG, you ran into someone and your insurance company raised your rates?  How dare they?  Poor baby.  What about the person you ran into?  Screw them, eh?  Talk about giving in to the entitlement philosophy and the idea that actions shouldn't have consequences.  Gah.  And the one where the kid can't change a frickin' tire and he's screwed because his dad's insurance company won't pay for someone else to come change it for him?  Seriously?  Him, his dad, and his friend... Morons.  In fact, Liberty Mutual makes it seem like all their customers are morons and they only want more morons as customers.  Their 'accident forgiveness' means all the customers without accidents are footing the bill through higher rates.  If I had Liberty Mutual, I'd drop them and run. 

Yeah, commercials these days annoy me.  How many commercials with obnoxious, snotty, entitled kids does a person have to sit through?  They all need spankings.  And loss of privileges.  And if I ever talked to my parents that way, I'd be in deep dirt.  Gah. 

Again, actions with no consequences.  Makes me want to scream.

And what about the commercials where the man is an idiot but his wife is oh-so superior. 

And what the hell is it with the length of commercial breaks these days?  Used to be a maximum of three minutes worth of commercials.  Now it's five to eight minutes.  Blerg.  Stupider commercials and more of them.  Whoopee.

Ahem.  I seem to have been a little testy when I wrote this post.  Not enough coffee and a poor night's sleep.

Suffice it to say, I love the mute button.  And the Jump button on my remote with another good program set for backup.  And barring that, good books to read during commercials. 


  1. I'm with you there! Another reason I don't own a TV and only listen to Public Radio.

    1. Good for you! I'd probably be better off if I didn't have a TV, but I need it for crime shows and vet shows and baseball.

  2. The Suburu commercials are the exceptions to the rule--whether "Dog Tested/Approved" or the "off-the-grid" human ones. I love the one where the young couple hook up with the blind guy to go exploring.

    I tend to DVR stuff and then watch when I have time and can fast-forward through the commercials. And yes, when I watch something live, I get irritated.

    1. I love those commercials!

      Yeah, that would probably be handy. No DVR here, though. I have a DVD player but I never hooked it up after we moved here. I'm so behind the times with tech it's ridiculous.