Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Ideas and Problems that Aren't Problems, Per Se

I'm back to writing again.  Ugly and the Beast is making strides.  Not great ones.  I'm averaging about a thousand words a day.  But I am striding.

It's all good, except I have a problem... Well, not a problem per se... The ideas are flowing at me fast and furious, but my hands aren't keeping up.  I type pretty fast, but I can't do it for long stretches at a time.

You see,, I'm out of practice.  I haven't done a writing marathon in quite a while and the ol' hand muscles are atrophied.  So my old pace of 1500 words an hour is down to 800-1000 and I can only get about an hour in before things start to crap out.

Not complaining, mind you.  I know several writers who are worse off than me physically and still manage to write.  I'm just explaining.

As for the ideas... OMG, flowing so fast.  I'm keeping them all on a notepad beside my ashtray.  As I complete one, I cross it off, but new ideas are getting added faster than I can cross them off.

I know, I know... I should have such problems all the time.  Again, not complaining so much as explaining.  It's all good... as long as I can get the ideas down and don't lose them before I can write them.  And as long as I write them down well enough to I know what I mean later.  (Cuz, yeah, that's a problem, too.  Going back later only to ask myself 'what the hell did I mean here?' is a thing.)

And I'm writing these scenes in a kind of bare bones way.  Thank goodness for editing.  Get the scenes down and flesh them out later.

But I am writing.  Which is a good thing.  Writing new words is awesome.  They may not be the best words right now, but they're the framework and I can rebuild them later.  I do have the technology.  Better, stronger, faster... Ahem.

Ah, the life of a writer. 


  1. After a marathon writing/editing session, my hands cramp at weird times--like when I'm holding a fork and eating. Actually, it's usually my right, which is the one with carpal tunnel from mousework. Yay for braces which helps when I'm working but not so much with the eating. LOL

    I got DOUBLE TROUBLE updated and revised a little. I put Hard Target character names in. I'd left them, and any mention of Hard Target, out of the original version because that was two years ago and KW was just figuring stuff out. Since I'm claiming it as HT 1.5, I figured I needed to beef up the HT guys. No new words today because that took all day. Tomorrow is a new day, right? New words! New project! Right after morning coffee. ;)

    1. Yep. Mine were freaking out doing dishes yesterday. And they're fat little sausages this morning. I've thought about braces, but meh. Like with everything else, I'll muddle through. I knocked out 2300 words last night and I'm still typing this morning, so it's all good.

      Yay for DT!! I can't wait to read it again. Today is a new day for new words! Go you! May your coffee be hot and strong today!