Sunday, December 31, 2017

Sunday Update - Week 52

It's the last day of the year.  Time for the last Sunday Update.

I was supposed to get Blink of an I back to my editor today.  Umm... Yeah, that was perhaps a bit optimistic on my part.  This thing is a hot mess and I really need to write her an apology letter for the crap she had to wade through.  I usually have a manuscript in better condition before I turn it over to her.  I made it to page 116 of my power scrub last night - after working pretty much off and on all day.  That was 39 pages worth.  Only 207 pages left to go.  If I do 35 pages a day, that's about 6 days worth of work still left to go.  So, Friday?  Maybe?  If I get it to her then, and if there aren't any more issues that take for-freakin-ever, then I should still be able to get this out in February, though.  Later in the month than I anticipated, but I only promised readers February, not a firm day inside the month.

I made my reading goal for the year.  90 books.  Then I started Shogun by James Clavell.  That'll take me a while, for sure.  I'm about 40 pages in and it's pretty good so far.  Definitely holding my interest.  Oh, and in case you missed it, I did a wrap up of my reading year on Friday.

No fishing last week.  It's too friggin' cold.

Christmas was nice.  Quiet.  Just Hubs and I and phone to and from family.  We had surf and turf for dinner.  Hubs grilled the steak and I pan-fried the scallops and shrimp.  Forgot that I had cheesy biscuits to make with it, though.  All we ate for dinner was the meat. I also did a deconstructed black forest cake - there's the cake, there's the bowl with the cherry pie filling, there's the bowl of whipped cream, build it yourself.  We have enough leftover for tonight.

I got a nice picture of Oliver this week.  He's our orphaned yearling buck who was of great concern last spring.  He's all fat and sassy now.  You can't even tell he was stick-thin and worrisome.
I can't tell which of the does is his twin sister, Annie, anymore.  She's also lost her waif look and blends in with the other girls.  =o)

It's snowing this morning.  (Although the National Weather Service says it's raining when it's only 14F.  :shrug:)  This will be like our 3rd snow of 2017 and this, like the others, will only be a dusting.

Other than that, all's well here in Sandersonland.  How are things with you?

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  1. Yay for deconstructed black forest cake! I can eat 2 of 3 ingredients, and they both sound yummy!!!

    Hooray for Oliver! He looks great!

    It's currently 26F, and heading down to 16. Shiver! Texas isn't supposed to get this cold. I'm glad I didn't have plans for tonight or tomorrow. It's toooo darn cold. :-/

    Plugging along on DWL. And Magic's Child is live in the world. Yay! <:-D