Thursday, December 28, 2017

Thursday This n That

I don't understand people and their attraction to getting tattoos.  Personally, tattoos gross me out.  I know a lot of people have them and it's their choice, but why?  What if fifteen years down the road you hate it?  What if thirty years down the road, you're old and saggy and the art piece you had inserted into your skin with needles now looks like an abstract drawing done by a chimpanzee? They're forever, unless you find someone to surgically remove it or someone who can artfully cover it with another tattoo.  I know people with tattoos - family members in fact.  I should probably ask them what the attraction is.  I have a feeling, though, that even if I asked, I still wouldn't understand.  Thankfully, Hubs and I are in agreement on this, so I don't ever have to contend with them on him or with him wanting me to get one.  :shudder:

I had a happy yesterday.  An awesome review of Wish in One HandCheck it out.  (It's the second book down.)  I was just scrolling down - because Cedar does some awesome reviews and I'm always looking for new books to drool over - and there it was.  Gave me all sorts of warm fuzzies yesterday morning.   (And I am not related in anyway to Cedar - not even by marriage.  Unless somewhere in her Sanderson family tree, her and Hubs share an ancestor I haven't found yet.)

Okay, so I started this at around 6:30am, then I got distracted and then I started doing chores, assuming I'd finished it and posted it.  But no.  Now, after lunch and shortly before naptime, I stop by the tab to look at something else and find this incomplete post.  Derp.

On the upside, I finally purged the filing cabinet of 2015 & 2016 paperwork, moved that old shit to the other cabinet where I archive stuff, moved the 2013-2014 archived stuff to the storage room, filed the bills from Oct thru now - which I'd put off filing because the files were too freakin' full, worked on spreadsheets for the office, called the office and went over a couple things, composed and sent an email to the boss, ate lunch, and did the dishes.


What's up in your this n that today?

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  1. Tattoos? Shudder! Just the *thought* of those needles makes me cringe. My sister has a tat. Maybe someday I'll ask her why. Maybe not. ;-)

    Magic's Child is live in the world. Woohoo! (Imagine that little emoji that dashes back and forth. :-D )