Saturday, December 30, 2017

Saturday Fishing Report - 12/30/17 & Wrap Up

Welcome to the Saturday Fishing Report - the last one of the year and a bit of a wrap up.

It was COLD this past week.  Which, naturally, drives fish to deeper water and drives me to want to stay home under a big blanket, drinking cocoa and reading books.  Needless to say, I did so and didn't drown a single worm last week.  Hubs read a fishing report earlier this morning from a dude who was way more committed to fishing than I am.  The air temp was 17F and the water was 45F.  :shiver:  He caught some fish deep.  :shrug:

2017 was an interesting year for fishing.  When we started the year, the water level was way low - like 906'.  It gave me all sorts of new places to fish and plenty of exercise walking around carrying my gear.  Then in April, it started to rain.  The lake was up to 918' by the time we got the deluge at the end of the month that ended up raising the lake to 934'.  That seriously curtailed my fishing spots, lemme tell ya.

Once I finally moved enough flotsam out of the parking lot at my go-to spot, it was all good.  Spring fishing in the parking lot netted me plenty of hefty bass.  I had to let them all go because they were fat with eggs, but it was still a lot of fun.

In July, they finally opened the park again.  Which was awesome.  Except the people they'd hired to host the park were total numbnuts.  Because of this, I spent most of my time at my go-to spot.  I catch more fish there anyway. So there.  I was really looking forward to the hosts leaving in October, and it was nice after they were gone.  For a bit.  They closed the park again at the end of November.  Stupidheads.

So, here we are in December.  The lake level is back down to like 910' and a lot of spots are opening up to me.  Except it's freakin' cold.  They aren't predicting a boatload of rain for January, so maybe by the time I get out fishing, my good sitting and standing spots will all be dry.  :fingers crossed:

Anyway, I caught my first catfish this year.  And my first sucker.  I also caught my first fish on a lure this year.  It was awesome, even if I didn't accomplish that goal until December.  I'll probably still mostly worm fish because there's less work involved and I am, by nature, lazy.  Unless the fish are biting good on lures and I'm up to the standing/casting/reeling.

Oh, and I caught one little unknown fish.  It might've been a darter or a chub of some kind.  If it hadn't slipped out of my hand so quickly I might've had a better chance of identifying it.

Not sure what the coming year will bring, but I'm ready for it.  As soon as the weather warms up to better than 'freeze your ass off and get frostbite on your feet' levels, I'll be out again.  Until then, find some time to enjoy the outdoors - even if you have to do it from inside.  ;o)

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