Saturday, December 2, 2017

Saturday Fishing Report

Hello again and thank you for sticking with the Saturday Fishing Report through these dry weeks of nothing much.  This, unfortunately, is another one of those weeks.

I went out a couple mornings last week and caught nothing.  Hubs and I went out a couple afternoons last week and caught a couple panfish and one spotted bass - and that was right at or near sunset.  He almost caught what we suspect was a 15-20 lb catfish, but it tangled the line in some submerged brush or something and Hubs had to snap it off.

Of course, there's more to fishing than fish.  Part of the reason I go fishing is to enjoy nature.  To that end, I saw a beaver this past week.  It was just making its way down the lake near the shore.  Last early spring, before the floods, I found a really awesome piece of chewed beaver wood about a mile south of where I saw that beaver.  Maybe it was his.  ;o)

I also saw a couple bald eagles.  One of them was diving and swooping at the fish in the lake, which was really cool.  Another one passed right over me - maybe 30 feet up. 

Now that the water level is down a bit, I'm seeing tons of tracks along the shoreline - deer, raccoon, heron, etc.  I keep my eyes peeled for mink or bobcat tracks.

Yesterday morning when I went out, it was kind of foggy.  Then it got really foggy right down at the lake.  It's a surreal experience, standing on the shoreline watching a bobber in the fog.  It hangs there as if suspended in mid-air - gray above, gray below, with no discernible horizon.  The lake itself was like glass, so there weren't even any ripples to break the solid gray plain.  Like I said, surreal.

And that's it for the fishing report.  Sorry there weren't more actual fish in it.  They're predicting a cold snap here, so I'm not sure how much I'll be willing to freeze my buns off next week.  We'll see.  Until then, I hope you all have an awesome week ahead and can get out to enjoy nature a little. 


  1. Hey, I love the nature reports that go with the fish. Wish you'd snapped a picture of the bobber. I bet it would look cool! The fish will come. Eventually. Sounds like a bigger cold snap next week. Besides the usual feeder birds and squirrels, my wild life has consisted of a small murder of crows and a possum with a white patch on its flank. I've never seen a "spotted" one. Haven't seen the skunk in awhile. Hoping it moved on. Have a great weekend!

  2. Love the nature reports MORE than the fish! ;-) The bobber would make a great scene. Though in your genre, it might be a shoe. Or a hand...

    How cool to see a bald eagle so close! The closest I get is to a vulture. LOL!