Thursday, December 14, 2017

Thursday This n That

Some of this I may have said before or I may have posted to FB.  I can't remember.  Getting older sucks.

And while I was in the bathroom, I forgot what I was going to say that prompted the above.  Derp.

When I was younger, I could eat anything.  In copious amounts.  Now, I have to watch everything I eat and I pay for it when I don't.  Hence, last night's chili and bratwurst dinner is giving me fits.  And if I even stare at a picture of fattening food, I gain weight.  Yep, getting older sucks.

Watching rehab and renovation shows make me notice every little thing about this house that I could change.  This needs to done and that needs to be done.  We could remodel this and renovate that.  Tear down a wall or two.  Change the layout, open it up.  Move the laundry room, expand the bathroom.  And then I tell myself to chill out.  Nothing in this house actually NEEDS to be changed.  And I really do love my house the way it is. 

Speaking of renovation shows, I've come to love the Property Brothers, but why is it that their clients are almost always turds?  OMG, I want to slap most of those people.  If it weren't for the Brothers, I would watch the show at all.  But those guys are awesome.

Oh, I remember what I was going to say...  They discontinued my bird of the day calendar with the lovely plastic holder and the big bird pictures on nice card stock in favor of one of those tear off the paper page every day things.  Bleh.  Hubs told me to find another calendar.  But if I can't have the one I want, I don't want one.  =o[

Someone in the area - or probably several someones in a beater pickup truck with a rebel flag decal (just guessing) - has been spray painting all the local traffic signs with genitalia.  But only the signs off the highway, where they're less likely to be caught.  So, everywhere I go to fish, I'm treated with variations of the male jewels.  :eyeroll:  Which is annoying enough, until I start thinking about how much of my tax money is going to have to go to replace all those signs.  Then I want to find the little fucktards and spray paint their genitalia. 

I suspect the above dorkmonkeys are why they closed my favorite fishing park - the one with the bathrooms - for the season when they never close the park except for flooding.  So, now the whole place is closed to me unless I want to park at the bait shop and walk a mile carrying my gear.

Okay, that's about it for me today.  Sorry it was mostly kvetching.  Carry on. 


  1. Some people should have used condoms. Just sayin'... (re: dorkwads who graffiti) Calendars are such a personal thing! I like the Property Brothers too and yeah. People are so whiny! this-n-that.

    I really DO need to upgrade my house. Remember when the ceiling collapsed in the dining room/library from the leak in the roof? That dry wall STILL hasn't been replaced. I still have the original (c. 1965) wallpaper in the living room/now dining room and the master bedroom. Time, $$ and energy. I'm short of all 3. We won't talk about the flooring either. Ugh. Just...ugh.

    My brain is non-existent. I have 10 chapters to edit. I did 1/2 of one yesterday. Couldn't stay awake. Insomnia sucks hind tit. Just sayin'.

    And this makes me all Debbie Downer. I'm just tired, the depression is kickin' my @$$, and yeah. Still, the sun rose, Shy Cat and Boove were waiting on the porch for breakfast, I have a fresh pot of coffee, and I'm getting extra exercise because the garage door opener broke, the parts had to be ordered and I have to walk around the house to get to my car parked in the driveway. See? Ending on a positive note! LOLOL

  2. Man, you two make me glad my worst problems are sore feet and near-constant mild indigestion. Getting older sucks!

    Those dipwads. Let's go on a condom campaign. That'll cover up what few brains they have.

    Trying to think up a happy ending... My cat loves me! LOL!