Saturday, December 23, 2017

Saturday Fishing Report - 12/23/17

Hello!  And welcome to the Saturday Fishing Report - now with actual fish.

I pretty much went fishing every day this past week.  Sunday and Monday were more of the same.  But Tuesday... Tuesday afternoon, to be exact... was awesome.

Hubs had read the fishing reports and told me he'd heard the fish were biting on topwater baits at the points in the afternoon.  Me, being a doubting Theresa, was...umm... doubtful.  But I thought I'd give it a go anyway.  I mean, my old ways weren't working, so why the hell not, eh?  So, Tuesday, I went to my go-to spot, that just happens to have a point where a creek comes into the river.  Walked right out to where I could get a good cast at the point and cast as far as I could make that topwater jerkbait go.  Jerk, sit, jerk, reel... BAM!  It missed the bait and I missed the set.  Cast again.  Same action, different results.  Pulled in an awesome 14" spotted bass.  Then I caught a 12" spot.  Then I called Hubs because it was a momentous occasion.  I'd caught my first fish with a lure.  Ever!  I proceeded to catch 4 more on the same two topwater jerkbait lure - one in silver and black and the other in silver and chartreuse.  All Bass.  No keepers.  One of the bass was a little one (10-11"), but as I almost get it to shore, I noticed a fat hog of a bass chasing it.  Maybe 17-18", judging its size against the one it was chasing.  Dang.  Then I almost caught what had to be a 16".

The next day, my awesome fishing tales convinced Hubs to go out with me.  Same spot.  Same time of day.  I throw the first cast out in the same place - BAM.  14" spot.  Next cast, BAM!  13.5" spot.  Poor Hubs hadn't even had a chance to get his groove on.  Then the bite dried up, which really sucked.  He did catch a 10" spot on a little diver, though, so it wasn't skunky monkey for him. 

I went out again Thursday afternoon, but the pattern had changed.  It was sunny and windy and the fish just weren't interested again.  But those two days were freakin' awesome.

Friday had to be a no-fishing day.  Man, all that standing and casting really put my feet and shoulders in a hurty place.  That and a cold front came in.  It went from 68F on Thursday to 45F on Friday.  :shiver:  No thanks. 

Anyway, that's it for me.  I hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas, and that Santa brings you something good.  See ya next week.

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  1. So glad you got to catch fishies, even if they weren't keepers. That just means more to bite later. :)

    Christmas is going to be low key. LG has the crud--not sure it's actually the flu as it's head-centered rather than chest, and last last night, I had the nose drainage/sore throat/tickle cough he's been experiencing. Still, we'll be with family and that's what matters. :) Have a Merry Christmas!