Thursday, December 7, 2017

Thursday This n That

I just exercised in... I had to think about it for a minute, but... a year and a half.  Committed exercise - dancing, calisthenics, cool down.  Ten minutes total and I'm kinda pooped.  And that's what I get for not doing this a few times a week like I used to.  Bleh.  Have to do something to put a halt to my ever-widening ass.  And I am not at all interested in changing my eating habits, so exercise it is.  On a different activity note, I still walk all over the lakeshore carrying at least 5 pounds worth of gear (sometimes more) and I do not get winded like I did before I started increasing my activity, so that's a win.

I still have not cut my hair.  Hubs says he kind of likes it longer, but he might just be saying that to save me the trouble.  I at least need a trim.  The shaggy dog look is not a good one for me.

I started doing Christmas cards yesterday.  Got two done and then realized I didn't have the current address for my aunt, so I called Mom, but Mom had business work for me and I got distracted doing that.  Needless to say I am no further along on the cards than I was before I called her.  If you're expecting a card, it'll get there before Christmas, but how much before, I don't know.

Today's bird of the day is something called a white-breasted woodswallow.  They're kind of cute.  From the other side of the world, of course, but still.

We have a flock of Canada geese at the lake with one snow goose in it.  I've seen them several times now, so I'm guessing the snow goose is there to stay. 

Now that it's getting darker earlier, I feel like I live in a fishbowl.  You see, my chair is in front of the big picture window, and I turn on the living room lights before I feel inclined to shut the curtains.  I like looking outside for as long as possible, but I also like to see to read and stuff.  Thus, anyone walking, biking, or driving past the house can see everything and they all seem to feel the need to look in my windows.  I feel like shouting 'take a picture, it'll last longer' at them.  (I say it in the house where they can't hear me.)  I don't know why they all stare, but we really aren't that interesting.  I'm usually sitting there reading while we both watch TV.  :yawn:  I guess some people's lives are less interesting than ours or something.  Either that or they're just profoundly nosy. 

Okay, that's it.  Time to make the suet.  The birds are voracious right now and going through a brick a day or so.  What's up with you?


  1. Not much up. Or down. A little sideways maybe? You know I found my rings. YAY! The garage door is borked. It took LG two days, two runs to the hardware plus another run by me, and while the springs are lined up, the center track is now warped a little which keeps the door from opening all the way and it makes this horrible noise as it jams. Hopefully, he'll figure it out tonight. At least Drover is outside now so I can go places.

    I've been on an odd journey of my past this week. I was picked for a special HQ promotion about their authors with/or who had interesting jobs. They wanted some of my photos for a video. I revisited lots of fires, training, tornadoes, plane crashes, and the Murrah. I'm looking forward to seeing the video. Have no idea when or where, but guessing PR folks will let me know.

    I need to get back to editing. But the voices are talking to me. About other projects. Not this one or the one I need to do next. Figures, right?

    That's about it in my world.

  2. My window faces the woods so no people or traffic. So far I've seen coyotes, lots of deer, squirrels (of course) a pair of road runners, a fox, and a wolf.

    The bird feeder is out there too, but I'm not as good as you at identifying them. I'm just glad they visit.