Saturday, July 1, 2017

Satuday Fishing Report - 7/1/17

Hey all.  Welcome back to the Saturday Fishing Report.

I managed to get out to the lake three times last week.  First thing in the morning because it gets up near 10am and it's too hot for the fish to bite.  And for me to stand out there in the sun.  Whoof. 

Sunday - got out early and went to my 'main lake' spot.  The water level has decreased sufficiently so that I can get back by the ledges and still be able to cast without hooking trees.  The ledges are, of course, still underwater, though.  Saw a lot of fish jumping but the water temp is driving the bigguns into deeper water than I can cast to and the ones that are in shallow aren't interested in worms.  Did catch a nice, fat 8.5" bluegill.  He's in the freezer.

Tuesday - went to my old go-to spot.  The water is almost out of the parking lot now, so fishing there is a little iffy because there aren't many spots to cast past the trees.  The ledges there are beginning to open up, though, so I tried that.  First thing in the morning there is hard because it's full sun.  Little fish stole my worms and I was getting hot, so I moved to the cove side where there was still mostly shade.  Caught a 17" channel cat.  Funny thing about that... I'd never caught a catfish before, so I had to call Hubs on the cellphone and ask him which parts were the ouchie parts.  Once that was settled, I couldn't find a place to pop the stringer through its mouth, so I let it go.  After I put it back, I thought of several ways I could've kept him.  Oh well, live and learn.

Thursday - Back to the cove at the go-to spot.  Got out there about quarter to eight, but the fish weren't biting.  Well, fish big enough to actually get on my hook weren't biting.  Little fish were hammering the hell out of my bait and stealing the worms.  I did that until a little after nine and then I packed all the stuff back in the car.  Then I grabbed a garbage bag and started cleaning.  Some dipstick camper person had left a pile of trash in one of the old parking spots.  I picked all that up.  Then some other dipshits - or maybe the same one - had left fireworks trash all over the ledges.  I picked all that up.  Then I walked the water's edge in the parking lot and picked all that garbage up - including the top to someone's bikini.  (I don't want to know.)  Filled a big black plastic bag with the detritus of inconsiderate morons.  I don't want to think about how trashed the parks will be after this holiday weekend because people, in general, are pigs.

In happier news, there's a rumor floating around that the park will be open starting today.  Yay!  I miss the park.  I haven't been in there since the day before the big rain.  April 28th was the last time I was in there.  Of course, it'll probably be crawling with people this weekend, but I am sorely tempted.  Tune in next week to see if I braved the crowds to get into my park.

Until then, have a great week and an enjoyable holiday.  And I hope y'all get to spend some time outdoors.

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  1. Catfish make good eating--filet, dipped in cornmeal, and fried. With hushpuppies. People trashing public spaces just irritate the snot out of me. I miss having a badge. I used to be able to flash it and tell them to "pick it up!" Ah well. In this day and age, they'd probably try to beat me up. (Operative word being "try.") I plan on keeping my head down and staying indoors...well except for Tuesday morning. LG is on a float for the local 4th of July parade. Gotta be there to wave at him. LOL