Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Stuff n Junk

Stuff n Junk is sort of like This n That, but it's Tuesday. 

I'm totally scatterbrained right now.  I could blame writing, but I don't think it's that.  I could blame the heat and humidity which seems to be sapping my energy for anything but laying around.  All I know is things are scattered.  I thought I had a blog post written and scheduled for yesterday, but no.  I have a note on my desk - PAY BILLS - which I wrote on Sunday but have not done.  I really need to get my head out of my armpit.

Are there Spanish-language songs in the Top 40 right now?  Two of my 'hits from today' radio stations intermittently play Spanish-language songs.  It's really confusing because I don't speak Spanish and when I land on those songs it makes me wonder if 1) the radio stations changed their format in which case I would need to find new stations for those car buttons or 2) I accidentally screwed something up and landed on a Spanish-language station by mistake (we have plenty of those around here) OR 3) the gremlin who lives in my dashboard has changed my button sets again (it happens about twice a year - I'm driving down the road and my buttons are all set to stations I know damn well I didn't set them to, and it ain't Hubs doing it either).

It's tourist season here.  Part of tourist season means reading about unnecessary accidents happening to foolhardy people.  A teenage girl seriously injured when she flew off the tube she was riding on that was being dragged behind a boat (that was probably going way too fast).  A teenage boy who rolled the golf cart he was driving on a road (who was too young to drive a car on a road and how the hell do you roll a golf cart???).  The two people who were injured when their boat's gas tank blew up (who weren't paying attention to the fact that they'd spilled gas when they refueled and who were also keeping empty gas cans on their boat... Boom.)   I just try to stay out of their way when I'm out and about.  I hope they don't act like this in their everyday lives, but I suspect wherever they live they're a real treat for their neighbors. 

I keep reminding myself that tourists are the reason the park stays open.  We almost lost the park a couple years ago when the Army Corps of Engineers decided not enough people were visiting it and closed it.  Lucky for me, the state took it over and reopened it.  I love that park.  I can fish elsewhere, but that's the only place with bathrooms, so not having it open seriously puts a crimp in my day.

Okay, that's it for me.  Any stuff and junk you want to share?  Any comments on my stuff and junk?

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