Thursday, July 27, 2017

Thursday This n That

I have two notepads on my desk that I'll probably never write in.  They're too pretty.

It's been hot and grody here, but I've been going fishing anyway.  I need to get out of the house and away from this computer, if only for a couple sweaty hours.  I go out, I sweat, I drink a lot of water, and I come home.  It's better than sitting here and slowly expanding.  Be nice to catch something bigger than bait, though.

I've been having some really craptastic nights of sleep lately.  Not sure what's up in my head, but as soon as it hits the pillow, it starts attacking me.  As I wrote in yesterday's post, it was attacking my writing.  Last night, it was attacking my parenting skills.  Fun, fun. 

The deer we refer to as 'the skinny twins' (aka Oliver and Annie - because we suspect they're orphans) are not so skinny anymore.  Yay.  They're still not fat deer, but they're on the road to recovery. They're almost up to the same size as the yearlings we call the 'not-so skinny twins'.  Each set, btw, has one doe and one buck. 

We have three fawns this year.  A set of twins and a single.  We suspect they're all from the two mature twin does who hang around here. 

I have two things that aren't crossed off on my last to-do list.  They're the same things that never got crossed off my last to-do list.  Dusting and sending out a new newsletter.  My motivation to do either is about equal. 

The mice in the garage discovered the bag of sunflower seeds.  So Hubs put the seeds in a tub, but the tub was cracked.  He repaired it with Gorilla tape.  The mice have been chewing through the Gorilla tape.  So I put a bunch more traps out there, baited with peanut butter and sunflower seeds.  The mice have stolen all the sunflower seeds without snapping the traps.  Except for one.  The last one must've had the seed stuck on there better because it got the mouse.  Next time I'm at Wallyworld, I'm buying a new tub.  And maybe a different bait.  Do they sell sunflower butter?

And I'm spent.  What's up in your this n that world today?


  1. This: There is such a thing as sunflower butter, but I don't know if WallyWorld carries it. HEB does, but I think they're a Texas market. Anyway, I saw it in the Nuts row, not with the peanut butter.

    That: When I watered my poor parched iris this morning, a stiff breeze came up and knocked off my hat. Which knocked off my glasses, leaving me essentially blind. I did see my sunglasses fly away and wandered in that direction. And stepped on my glasses. Yikes! I managed to straighten the frames, and there's only a small scratch on one lens. All is well in my world. :-)

    Yay for the skinny twins! Boo to the night monster. I wish I could send you a gag to cram in its mouth!

  2. Once mice get a toe hold it's almost impossible to get them out.

    We resorted to poison as a last resort when they got into our feed storage room. I had started with traps but it seemed I was emptying them almost everyday.

    I took everything out of the storage building. Everything. I systematically sealed anything that could potentially be a hole in the making. Then we dropped little squares of poison in the corners where I knew no dog could reach. Within a few days, our problems were over. It's been well over a year now and no more mice.