Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday Fishing Report - 7/22/17

Hello again.  Welcome to the Saturday Fishing Report. 

It's hotter than blue-billy blazes outside.  Which means the water temps are around 85F.  Which means the good fish are either down deep or they aren't hungry.  Which means I'm not bringing home stringers full to fillet and put in the fridge.

I went out Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday this past week.  The park is open and the campers were minimal, so I managed to get to my favorite place in the park to fish - the ledges.  And since the water level was super low last year, I know approximately where all the underwater obstructions are right there. 

Still did really catch myself anything major.  One keeper bluegill - 8.5", 8oz.  He's filleted and in the freezer with the others until I'm ready for a fish fry.  I got skunked Tuesday.  Wednesday and Friday, I caught about a half dozen little panfish each day and that one keeper on Wednesday. 

The really fun thing while I was out was fish and bird watching.  It was like being inside my own private aquarium / aviary.  So many fish of all different sizes.  And the birds!  So fun.

Speaking of watching fish, a curious thing happened both on Tuesday and on Wednesday between 9:30 and 10:00am.  I was standing on the ledges watching my bobber when a school of bass swam by.  They were only a couple feet deep and only a couple feet off the water's edge.  And they totally weren't interested in my worm, which kind of stank, but what're ya gonna do?  Hubs is perplexed because big fish shouldn't be that shallow in this heat, but there they were.  Tuesday there were about a half dozen of them.  Wednesday they doubled in number.  And the biggest was a whopper.  Oh, man, what I wouldn't have given to hook into that guy.  Get in my belly.  Here's hoping no one else catches him before I do.  ;o)

I didn't see the school on Friday because I left earlier than they usually swim by.  It was scorching hot by 9:30 and even the little fish had stopped biting.  Bleh. 

I'm not even going to suggest you try to get outside.  It's gross hot right now.  Monday, though.  Monday it's supposed to get down into the upper 80s again.  Cold snap!  LOL

Have a great week, folks.  See ya next time.

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  1. Who knows what goes on in the minds of fish? LOL Glad you are slowly restocking the freezer. Here's hoping for bites when the cool down hits. Here? Instead of 102, it'll be 96. LOL I'll be in Florida so I won't care. ;)