Saturday, July 15, 2017

Saturday Fishing Report - 7/15/17

Hello again and welcome to the Saturday Fishing Report.  This week is less about my fishing and more about fishing related things I've heard or seen in the news.

First, me.  I went out Monday morning. The park was packed, so I moved north to a boat ramp area on the main lake.  Didn't catch a thing.  I did have a nice conversation with a couple who were pulling their boat in for the morning, though.

Thursday morning.  It was hot and sunny.  I went to the park and fished in the cove where I caught that 12.5" smallmouth.  Nothing was biting.  Had a nice chat with an older gentleman who was camping with his grandchildren.  Then I moved to my go-to area.  My favorite spot was full sun, so I moved over to the cove there, too.  Tiny fish were stripping my worms like crazy without even moving the bobber, so I went deeper and farther out.  They were moving my bobber out there, but I wasn't sealing the deal until I went with a small hook.  Caught 4 tiny bluegills, so it wasn't a skunker day.

Now for other news...

While I was chatting with those nice folks on Monday, the gentleman happened to mention how he was doing 70 (mph, I assume) up the lake coming back when he saw a large log floating in the middle of the lake.  He told me the story in relation to the fact that there is still a lot of junk floating in the lake, despite the fact that the water is coming down.  I really didn't think much about it until I saw a news story yesterday - an angler had taken his wife and daughter out for some late fishing when they were struck by another boat.  The other boat had two tournament contestants zooming back to make weigh-in.  Both the stationary boat with the family and the tournament boat had their safety lights on, so it wasn't like the tournament boat couldn't see - plus it happened just before 9pm and since it's still light here at 9pm, I'm guessing this lake in TX (west of here) is still light at 9pm.  But I assume, the tournment boat driver was so intent on making it back for the weigh-in, he didn't pay attention to the lake in front of him.  Anyway, the father was killed and the mother was injured.  The tournament guys were thrown into the water, but they're fine.  The 10-yr old daughter was the only one uninjured and sensible enough to call 911. 

Which brings me around to my point.  Slow the fuck down.  It's not the International Speedway out there.  There are no lanes.  People drive their boats all over in all directions, and sometimes they park right in the middle of the lake.  Plus, there might be floating logs in the way. 

Also, this morning, I saw a news story about two heinous assholes stealing fishing gear over the 4th of July weekend.  They recovered like 100+ fishing poles, 50+ tackle boxes, and assorted fish finders.  WTF?   We've had occasional reports of gear thefts here.  If it doesn't belong to you, don't touch it.  Derp.

Now, I carry gear in my car.  Two poles and a tackle box.  One pole and the tackle box go with me.  The backup pole stays in the car.  It's worthless.  It's a 5.5" pole from the 1970s with a beat up old Daiwa spincaster on it.  The bale doesn't close on its own.  You have to hold the line against the pole when you cast or it falls all over the ground.  But I know how to work it, so it works for me as a backup.  Don't break into my car to steal it.  No one will pay you anything for it. 

And that's it for me for now.  Go, get out in the world sometime this week - some morning if it's too hot otherwise.  See ya next time.

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  1. Idiots in boats are even worse than idiots in cars. If that's possible. How sad for that family and I hope the stupid tournament dudes have to pay out the arse on a wrongful death! That poor little girl. :/

    The pickup belonging to our neighbor across the street was broken into. There was all sorts of stuff to steal but the vandals just poured his spit cup over the dash and emptied his tool box and stupid stuff. The police told him there'd been like 20 calls that morning. LG's truck wasn't touched. At the time, we had green LED lights on my Nessie garden statue. Turns out the green messed up the neighbor's LED security cams. I now have "daylight" LEDs on Nessie and his house is lit up like daylight from all the flood lights he added. We think we know which roving gang of middle school/high school kids did it but proving it without photographic proof is another story.

    I won't be out much this weekend. Deadline and too hot. I will meander around the house and Stormageddon is coming to play for a couple of hours this afternoon. Fun times.