Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday Update - Week 29

Hello again.  There you are.  Here I am.  Thanks for stopping by my little hermitage.  :waves:

Last week...

Well, I wrote a bunch of words.  Then I deleted a bunch of words.  Then I rewrote a bunch of words.  All told, on this manuscript which last worked on in April of 2013, I've added over 17K words.  About 14K of those in the last week.  I'd been averaging about 2K a day until Friday when I got into a meh spot and couldn't work my way past it.  A thousand words later, I gave up and went to the notebook to try and ferret out what wasn't working.  I think I hit on it.  Saturday went way better.  And I'm ready to write the next scene tonight, so it's all good. As of last night, I was at 31K. I still hope to have this first draft done by the end of the month.

Still haven't been reading much.  This sometimes happens when I'm focused on writing new words.  I'll jump back into reading soon.  On the bright side, I was way ahead on my reading goal for the year anyway.

It's been so hot here.  Ugh.  The heat index yesterday for here was 103F.  I went out in the morning to get groceries and then I didn't leave the house again.  Everything I have to do outside right now is getting done in the mornings or at dusk, or it's not getting done.  (And the only stuff I'm doing at dusk is watering the gardens.  My poor plants.  =o\)

I'm also trying to do inside things first thing in the morning.  I did some housework last week and I was a sweaty mess before 8am.  Yuck.  And that's with the AC.  Gross.

The deer are all doing well despite the heat.  They've got plenty of food and water.  The fawns are frisky.  The two thinner twins are fattening up.  They all have their lovely nut-brown summer coats.  It's awesome.

That's it for me.  What's it for you?

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  1. Hooray for your progress! It's sad to set words aside, but if they helped you find your way, they did their job. :-)

    It's waaaaay too hot here, too. I leave water trickling on my trees while I go visit Mom (next door), but it's too hot to go walking, even if she hadn't thrown her knee out.

    I'm up to page 129 on 7C, so some progress. I counted things up today (usually a mistake) and discovered that when I'm on a roll, I write about one page per hour. Much less when I'm fighting with my muse. Rather depressing, I'm afraid. But I'll keep plugging along, and about the time I'm ready to give up, I'll realize I'm nearly finished. :-)