Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sunday Update - Week 26

Here we are at halfway through the year.  Time flies, eh? 

Okay, so for the halfway week of the year, here's how it went down...

I'm motoring my way through the edit notes on the 2nd draft of Wish Hits the Fan.  Oh my god, it's so bad.  Well, not bad, per se.  The story is still awesome.  The writing?  Definitely needs a lot of work before any other human sets eyes upon it.  Not sure exactly where I'm at in it - since I'm working off the Kindle and I don't remember the last percent number and I'm too lazy to walk across the house - but I'm getting there.  Plan is to have these notes done and input into the manuscript, so I can send this off to JC on the 9th.  Still on target for a September release, good lord willin' and the creek don't rise.

I ordered copies of Up Wish Creek and they've shipped.  I also have proof copies coming of the new Blood Flow cover and of the print copy of Natural Causes.  Once those get approved, they'll be available for sale and I'll order copies.  Why I'm doing this when I haven't sold a print copy in a long freakin' time?  I'll write about that tomorrow on Outside the Box

Not sure what's up next for actual writing.  I should be finishing Early Grave, but the current social climate in America is making that an uncomfortable proposition.  And I'm a coward.  I mean, I should be able to write about whatever I damn well please, but the people on the other side are scary and I don't want them visiting my house.  Know what I mean? 

I did some fishing last week.  It's getting too hot and too summer-peopley to be out for too long.  If you read yesterday's Fishing Report, I did go out and I did drive by the park.  It was still closed.  The bait shop gal told me the opening was planned for noon.  Ugh.  I fished elsewhere for an hour.  But the river traffic was annoying and the fish weren't biting anyway. 

I've been reading stories from Masterpieces of Mystery and Suspense.  It's a big anthology of short stories, so it's taking a while.  I think I'm about a third of the way through.  It's been a good break from longer stories and loads of fun.  I read a story, wander off and do other stuff, then read another story.  All without having to maintain the thread of a whole book in my head.

Well, I think that's about it.  Enjoy your Independence Day holiday if you're here, enjoy Canada Day if you're up there, and otherwise, enjoy your week. 


  1. Happy Fourth of July to you, B.E.!

    I'm 95 pages into 7C, but only a third through the outline. This may turn into a looooooooong book. I'm looking to cut unneeded scenes - preferably before I write them!

  2. I haven't accomplished anything this weekend. I'm a slug. Case in point, it is Monday and I'm just now reading this...

    I know what you mean. I belong to several organization that claim to be inclusive and all about diversity, but they mean only for those who think like they do. Try to call them out and I'm somehow in the wrong and the bully. Like you, I just keep my mouth shut now.

    Here's hoping the park is open now, the summer people pipe down, and the fish start biting. However, since we look to be headed toward hot times, probably not. :( Hang in there!