Thursday, July 13, 2017

Thursday This n That

I have absolutely no idea what to write next.

I saw one of those things on FB this morning 'If you could spend the rest of your life on the beach, who would you spend it with?'  My first thought was 'Hubs'.  Second thought? 'Ew, the rest of my life on a beach?'  I hate sand.  It gets into EVERYTHING and it seems like no matter how hard you try, you can't get rid of it all.  I think this stems from when my daughter was young and would come home from school covered in sand because the dips there would let her sit in the sand box at recess and cover herself with sand and then I'd have to deal with it when I got home from work.

Because we've arrived at the hot part of summer, Hubs and I are tag-teaming when we mow the lawn.  He does some, then I do some, until we're done.  It's good exercise, but I really hate our lawn mower.  :shrug:  When it dies eventually somewhere down the road, I'm buying a cheap ass light lawn mower without all the fancy shit.  I miss the days of not having to hold that bar to keep it running and that other bar to engage the thing that's supposed to make it easier to push but just ends up stalling out the mower on hills.  (And our yard is about a third of an acre and all hill, so you can imagine.)

Hubs spoils me by bringing the coffee pot into the office and topping off my mug whenever it gets low.  Sometimes I notice my cup is getting low, but rather than get up off my buns, I wait for him.  =oO

I'm reading this huge anthology of mystery and suspense short stories (650 pages worth).  So far, the stories are pretty good except for a couple.  The Stephen King one was boring,  And another one by some gal I'd never heard of started off bashing cops, so I skipped it.  I mean, I did start reading it, but the whole time I couldn't stop thinking about the bashing cops thing, so I DNF'd it and moved on.  Life's too short.  And that review by the little girl I talked about in another post?  I read one of the stories she mentioned.  It was a good story, but yeah, not for 11-12 year old girls.

I skidded past sunrise writing this post, but I really do want to go fishing this morning.  Now I have to wait until the sun gets a smidgen higher so it's not right in my eyes while I'm driving.  I hate that, too.  ;o)

Okay, that's it for me.  Any comments?  What have you got on your this n that list today?


  1. Well, crud. I had a great set of comments going and was about two sentences away from posting then my computer spontaneously closed my browser. Screw it. I have stuff to do. Sorry. I'll be brilliant another time. I have 28K words to write and edit in the next 10 days. *flail*

  2. Not much on my this n that list. I know what I SHOULD write next, but I'm thinking maybe, because I keep putting it off, I don't really want to write it. Hmmm... Guess I could pretend I'm writing under a contract and just get it written. If only that worked. :)