Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Prime Day

Last week as I was driving down to Wallyworld, I listened to a couple radio announcers bantering back and forth about Amazon Prime.  The guy was saying how he'd signed up for Prime under their '30 days Free' campaign and then, because he didn't cancel before the 30 days were up, he got charged $120 for the whole year.  And now he can't cancel because he can't remember his password. 

The gal was telling him all the awesome things he could do with his Prime account.  None of which, he assured her, he would ever actually use.  Free two-day shipping, which was the reason he signed up in the first place, was pointless for him.  He told her he doesn't spend $120 a year on shipping for Amazon, so it wasn't worth it.  And he rarely ever needs anything inside of 2 days. 

Why he ever signed up for it in the first place?  I missed that part.  And I'm not sure what the resolution ended up being because I got bored and changed the station.

Today is Amazon Prime day.  Apparently, if you're paying for Prime (or sign up for their free 30 days promotion right now), today you'll have access to all kinds of discounts and sales and special offers.  I'm with the radio dude.  I have no use for it.  Right now, I have everything I want or need, so even browsing their sales and what have ya wouldn't do me any good. 

I heard other stores are also supposed to be having sales extravaganzas today, so check your favorites and see what they have.  You might find some deals elsewhere without a Prime membership.  If you're into that thing.   

I used to be.  Believe me.  I'd see a sale and I was SO there.  Even if I didn't need what was being sold.  Even if I didn't really have the money.  (That's what credit cards were for, doncha know.)  I reined all that in years ago.  Now, if I don't need it, I don't get it.  And if I don't have the money, I don't get it even if I think I need it.  Which is probably why I'm driving a 2003 Cavalier.

Okay, I have to admit, I'm still pretty sale-driven when it comes to food.  I probably didn't really need that packet of single serve coffee things, but it was marked down 20% in the clearance area, and I do love me some flavored coffee.  Hazelnut.  Yum. 

Hello.  My name is B.E. and I have a shopping problem.  It's been years since my last binge shopping trip...

Which is why I'm avoiding shopping today.  So, if you're a Prime member, have at it.  If you're not and you want to still catch the sales, sign up for the 30-day thing - just remember to cancel unless you want to be billed like that radio dude.  I heard today is supposed to be the biggest shopping day next to Black Friday.  I'll be here, sitting in my cabin.

Speaking of sales, what's the best deal you ever got on anything?  I found this awesome dress once for $3.  It looked like nothing on the hanger, but when I put it on, I was a goddess.  I loved that dress.


  1. re: because he didn't cancel before the 30 days were up...

    This is the problem I have with people. If this fluffy kitten didn't have the good sense to keep up with what he signs up for and can't keep his password, he deserves what he gets.

    A little common sense, please. I don't feel sorry for him at all.

    As for the best deal I've gotten, there are too many to count, but one of the best deals I ever got from Amazon was for some necessary gizmo for our A/C system. We paid a third of the price we paid only the year before from a local store. It was a high dollar item so while I was glad we got it so cheap the second time, that local store is in my black book for price gouging--not to mention the thing went out in a year.

    1. LOL, I have no illusions this guy is anything but an idiot. (Although his co-host is more abrasive. I only listen because it's one of my twelve car buttons and I can't find anything better to put there.)

      Yay for necessary gizmos! We've found lots of those on Amazon we couldn't possibly get locally.

  2. Yeah...maybe I'll look. I DO save money on the postage thing. I also have a Prime credit card I use for almost everything. I earn points so a lot of the ebooks I buy are free. I'm still paying for Kindle Unlimited. I don't get free books to read that often. I should probably revisit that expense.

    Plus, dude! If you can't remember your password, click on the recovery button. #brainiac #NOT

    1. I suspect you shop more than I do and probably need things quicker. I use the free shipping option and wait for whatever to arrive.

      Exactly. It's not brain surgery. Derp.

  3. I hate Hate HATE to shop, online or real-time. If I didn't go shopping with Mom (a shopaholic; torture for me, but she drags me along) I'd order everything online from a checklist.

    A few days ago, Mom (who doesn't have internet) wanted to buy a bowling ball bag for my brother's birthday, but there were none to be found in town. She asked me to order it online for her.

    I went to the quickest spot to find anything: Amazon. Ordered the bag, checked the slowest-but-free shipping box, and settled in to wait the two weeks predicted.

    It came in two days.

    Who needs Prime with that kind of service?

    1. LOL, poor Deb. I wish I could get groceries and cigarettes online sometimes. I hate shopping in crowds - which is why I go first thing in the morning.

      Yay for getting your Mom's order so quickly! Yeah, if you can get it that quick with regular shipping, Prime would be a waste. I just rarely ever need anything that quick.