Thursday, June 29, 2017

Thursday This n That

I have been a total slug since the beginning of April.  I'm trying to rectify that now.  To that end, I actually ordered paperbacks for Up Wish Creek (which was slugness from last fall) and I built a paperback edition and cover finally for Natural Causes, AND I rebuilt the paperback cover for Blood Flow (because it no longer matches the ebook cover).  I'll probably have some kind of giveaway for all three of those sometime soon. 

Speaking of Blood Flow, it's going on sale tomorrow through the 7th - all of Independence Day week because what else do you do with a political thriller?  It's a Kindle Countdown Deal, but it'll be 99c through the whole week.  US only because I totally forgot to set the deal for the UK until just now and now it's too late.  Not that they really give a rip about our Independence Day anyway.  Maybe I'll pick a week the UK people like and have a sale then. 

Speaking of building a paperback edition, I spent a considerable amount of time and brain energy trying to figure out which page was the right page.  (It shows up left on my Word because it doesn't allow for the blank inside cover.  Derp.)  What a brainfart.  It's not like I hadn't done this 7 times before.  Sheesh.

My best 'in real life' friend's husband is having open heart surgery tomorrow.  Send positive energy winging up to Kansas City tomorrow.  K?  He's one of the good guys and we need to keep as many of those around as long as possible.  They're in short supply.

You hear about so many crappy relationships out there in the world.  I'm really lucky that I and my closest married friends all have good relationships.  You know who you are.  Give yourselves hugs for me.

I ran across a review of the book I'm reading that was posted by a 7th grade girl.  It was sad - she basically gave the book a one-star review because she didn't realize that an anthology of mystery and suspense had death in it, and the two stories she read were confusing.  I inhaled these types of stories at that age.  Of course, I'm me and I've always been this way.  Maybe she picked it up thinking it would be mysteries and suspense about stolen things instead of dead things.  She really should've gone with Nancy Drew or something. 

Okay, that's it for me.  What's on your this n that radar today?


  1. Hugs and good thoughts to your friend's husband.

    That one-star review could help the novel get readers. Death? Real-life problems? Yay!

    Woohoo to giveaways! I'm collecting paperbacks of your novels. :-)

    Today is dad-sitting-day so Mom can get out of the house and go bowling. 24/7 care of an 'invalid' is so hard on my outgoing mother (there's nothing wrong with Dad, but he refuses to do anything for himself). All I do is sit and read all day, but I don't get any writing done. Maybe tonight the brain will kick in - lately I've felt like I'm pulling words out of the muck, one by one.

  2. Sending healing thoughts to your friends!

    I second the slug-ness.

    I hate the book I'm writing. Which is sad, because I like the characters. I just can't get excited about it. Not enough coffee to combat the other stuffs going on in my head.

    I have no words for the 7th grader. (Says the "girl" who read Ian Fleming's THE SPY WHO LOVED ME at the age of 10...)

    It's hot. I want a nap. Tomorrow is Friday. And we might actually get some rain then. That's about as chirpy as I can get at the moment. LOL