Saturday, June 3, 2017

Saturday Fishing Report - 5/27 & 6/3

Hey All.  Welcome to the Saturday Fishing Report. 

Let's just start out by saying that it hasn't been good.  At least, it hasn't been good fishing from the bank.  I've read reports of how awesome it is fishing from a boat lately - I mean, if you can find a good place to launch your boat with the water so high, and if you can find a place to park your truck and trailer after you launch.  Here we're keeping the boat in the garage until the lake gets back to some semblance of normal. 

Part of the reason fishing hasn't been good for me is that there are few spots from which I can fish right now, and those spots are severely truncated from the way they were when the lake level was 906'.  Which means that those people who are inclined to fish are crammed together.  I've left several spots over the last couple weeks because other people were there when I arrived or other people arrived shortly after I was there.  I did find a spot where other people weren't gathering, but there were ticks - something I discovered the hard way. 

Another part of the reason is I'm using worms and a bobber, and from what I gather, they're feeding along the bottoms on beds, and personally, I'm leery of bottom fishing because invariably, I lose my rig on rocks and junk.  Perhaps if I wasn't so leery and was using lures, I'd be racking up the numbers, too.

Having said that, though, when I can get out and when I can find a spot and when I've been left alone, I've caught a few.  Mostly panfish.  Some small bass.  I caught a couple little punkinseeds that were fun fighters. 

The water, from what I've seen, is full of tiny baby fish.  So, any thoughts I had about stupid bass spawning in parking lots and millions of eggs getting caught by the receding flood waters were silly.  The water is not receding fast enough to matter and the fish are hatching out so as the water does go down, they'll float out along with it. 

I also saw some big-ass tadpoles.  Which thrilled me no end.  Later, Hubs said I could use the tadpoles as bait.  I shuddered.  Having a childhood history of making friends with frogs/toads and keeping them as pets and generally enjoying their company, I don't think I could ever put a hook through one - either in adult or tadpole stages.  It's totally my hang-up, though.  If you're inclined to use frogs, go for it.  Just not where I can see you or I might end-up ralphing on your shoes.

As a side-note, the summer people and the weekenders have arrived with their noise and their trucks and their kids and their kayaks and their sometimes lack of consideration for others.  (Not all summer people and weekenders are bad, but the good ones are a smaller percentage.)  This means my fishing will most likely be held to weekdays and mornings until fall arrives.  Which is probably how long it will take for the water level to reach normal again.  I'm joking... kinda.  It's 926' right now.  Normal pool is 915'.  Eleven feet.  Ugh. 

Well, that's it for me.  Hopefully, I'll have something more to say next week.  Time and temperature and weather will tell. 

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  1. We call them "lake people" around here. Not that I live at a lake and have to put up with them, but LG has relatives who do. His great-grandmother called them that to distinguish them from the natives and year-rounders. You and the Hubs would be "year-rounders." Another couple of years and you'd be natives. LOL Hickie-bicky was interesting, to say the least. (Creek medicine woman...'nuff said.)

    Anyway, here's hoping you can get out and drop your hook in and catch stuff even if you don't keep them. :) Enjoy your weekend, despite the LPs!