Saturday, June 17, 2017

Saturday Fishing Report - 6/17/17

Hello again, and welcome to the Saturday Fishing Report.

Not a lot to report from last week.  The lake level is going down for the most part.  Not sure what last night's rain is going to do to it, but it's headed in the right direction.  Or something. 

Right now, the lake level is at such a point where the places I can reach are just close enough to the trees that I spend more time hung up in branches and on deadfall than actually catching fish.  Plus, the sun was out a lot last week.  Plus, it's getting hot out.  Plus, the summer people are here.  So, I only went out once last week. 

Tuesday.  I went out early to avoid people.  Sure enough there was a dude in an SUV parked in the middle of where I wanted to fish.  So, I walked through the trees to try the river side rather than the parking lot.  First cast was a clusterfudge.  Hooked it left smack dab into the root ball of a fallen pine.  Broke the line and watched my bobber float away.  As I was re-rigging, the dude drove away, so I gathered up my gear and went to my go-to spot.  Caught two little punkinseeds, but nothing bigger was biting.  Tried casting in a couple different spots and got hung up on an underwater tree a couple times.  Good news is I got that bobber back AND I got the bobber that had floated away earlier.  But the sun was getting higher and my shade went away, so I drove around the backside of the area, hoping to fish in the cove.  First cast, right into a cedar.  Lost that whole rig - last seen still hanging in the tree.  And when it broke free, the line shot back at me and became a horrible tangle.  Having already depleted my stores of patience, I packed up and went home.

I had planned on going out Thursday morning, but that fell through.  I thought about going out Friday, but thunderstorms rolled in, and when they rolled out they left clear skies with tons of humidity behind.  Thunderstorms again this morning, and I'm just not motivated.  We'll see what next week brings.


  1. Well...dang. :/ And the heat dome is moving in, which means like 5 am fishing. Only it was like mid-day heat/humidity-wise this morning at 5:30. How long until fall?

    1. LOL, 5am fishing. You so funny. I'm not that committed. And there's no way I've had enough coffee to leave the house that early.

      Yesterday was nice. Cooler. Still didn't go fishing, though, because we had morning storms. No storms this morning, but fog. Bleh.

      Too long. It isn't even officially summer yet. =o\