Saturday, June 10, 2017

Saturday Fishing Report - 6/10/17

Welcome back to the Saturday Fishing Report for less than competent anglers.

The lake level is still pretty high.  But it's slowly coming down.  925.63 as of 5am this morning.  Still about 10 foot above where it ought to be.  I'm still fishing in parking lots, needless to say.

Went out on Wednesday to a spot on the main lake.  The parking lot there is dry, but the water's all the way up to the top of the boat ramp, so that's where I was fishing.  No shore to fish from at this time.  I caught two little punkinseeds but then the sun was full out and I lost what little shade I had, so I moved.  I went to my go-to spot.  Full sun there, too, but I dealt with it.  Caught two big bluegills I didn't keep.

While I was there, a man came to chat at me.  It's a thing.  Wherever I am, people stop to chat at me.  Which is sometimes nice and sometimes not.  It was nice talking to this man, but the half-hour I spent talking to him probably would've been the best time to fish.  And then my luck went south.  I cast out and got the worst line tangle I've ever had.  I couldn't untangle it, so I had to cut it and then re-rig everything.  Then I forgot to latch my tacklebox, picked it up and spilled its contents all over the ground.   Then the fish stopped even nibbling, and the sun came out. 

Thursday morning, I went back to the go-to spot first thing.  As long as I managed to cast underneath a big sycamore, I was catching fish.  Anywhere else, not even a bite.  I caught 10 bluegills between 7" and 9", brought six of them home to eat.  I had two others get off before I got them to shore.  One thing I did notice was the huge profusion of fry (baby fish) in the water.  At one point a baitball of epic proportions like you only see on National Geographic swam by.  Then later, I watched a baby bass ambush attacking a smaller school of bait fish.  It had to be a largemouth or a spot - because of the side stripe.  It hid at the end of a submerged log and then BAM darted out into the middle of the school.  He couldn't have been more than 6" long.  So cute.

That's it for me for the past week.  It's still officially spring, but for all intents and purposes, it's summer here.  The weather's been lovely, so get outside if you can.  But remember the big spray.  Those insects are vicious this year.

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