Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday Update - Week 24

Here we are again.  Which is definitely better than the alternative.  ;o)

Last week... Let's see...

In the realm of writerly stuff, I'm up to pg63 on my edits for Wish Hits the Fan.  I plan to hit the thing hard the rest of this month and maybe get something not-sucktastic to my editor by the end of the month.  :fingers crossed: 

Also, since the post where I said I had lost the will to market, I did marketing stuff.  My genie books are free or cheap thru tomorrow night, with an ad going out today, so I've been hitting the FB status updates hard.  I even went to Twitter for the first time in months.  :gasp:  (My author page on FB updates to Twitter automatically, but I felt I should probably visit the site.  And I was reminded why I don't go there*.)

To that end, I have given away 54 copies of WIOH and sold 2 copies each of IDW and UWC - as of this morning, pre-advertising.  (Which is more books than I sold all of last month, so I'm pleased.)

I read three books last week and I'm most of the way through a fourth.  I read a scifi, a fantasy, and a mystery.  I'm currently reading a paranormal romance. 

I spent yesterday morning scrubbing the burner pans from my stove.  I lead such an exciting life. 

Fishing has been super sporadic lately, which means I only went out once last week.  I'd set a reward system up for editing, but with the way things are going, I have to fish when I can if I want to fish at all.  I guess I'll just have to kick my own ass into gear without the carrot. 

The deer all seem to have had their babies, but we haven't seen any of the fawns yet.  Thus begins Fawn Watch 2017. 

Fledgling birds are everywhere.  So cute.  I don't know if you know this but fledgling titmice make this really high-pitched noise when they're begging for food that sets my teeth on edge like fingernails on a chalkboard.  I can forgive it, though.  Cuz they're cute. 

Oh, and I spent the majority of the past three days watching the US Open golf tournament.  So much golf that I'm seeing putting in my sleep.  LOL, luckily today's the last day.

Well, that enough out of me already.  How's about you?


  1. Waiting for fawn photos! :-)

    A wasp stung me several times on the wrist yesterday. My hand is swollen from thumb to halfway to my elbow. It ITCHES. And that's not counting the chigger bites.

    I'm soooo done with gardening! ;-)

    1. Oh noes! I hope those stings get better soon. Stupid wasps. And stupid chiggers. :hugs:

  2. I opened this yesterday and thought I commented. Then I found the open tab on my browser this morning. I hadn't commented. I need IV caffeine. Glad to see you editing. I need to write. :/ And yay for sales! I'm pimping because I love these books!

    Okay. Time to catch up with today's blog posts...