Thursday, June 1, 2017

Thursday This n That

Brainfart. I thought I had something to say when I started this post, but by the time I typed the title, it was gone.  I think the thing I wanted so say was something that would've been better suited for a Sunday Update post than this one.  Something about reading, I think.

June 1st.  Tomorrow would've been my dad's 81st birthday.  He's been gone 15 years now.  Wow.  it doesn't seem that long.  He never got to meet Hubs.  Missed it by two years.  Not sure what they would've thought of each other.  I think Dad just wanted me to be happy and secure, and I am, so that's good.

Not going fishing is seriously harshing my groove, man.  Nice weather + heat + truncated fishing spots = poor fishing prospects.

There hasn't been a damn thing on TV worth watching lately, so we've been turning on the AWE Channel.  They call themselves 'A Wealth of Entertainment' and they certainly are geared for the wealthy - Selling Yachts, Mega-Mansions, Behind the Gates (with glimpses into rich people's homes), Private Islands.  It's awesome, but I learned one thing quick - wealthy home buyers are just as weird as less-so home buyers.  They're just getting neurotic for a lot more money.

Also, since there wasn't anything on yesterday afternoon, I went scrolling through the music channels on the satellite.  Fun fun.  Spent most of the time on the 70's channel and the 'Soft Hits' channel, but when I scroll down, I hit all the channels here and there.  Singing along as I go.  Hubs would hear something and laugh, or say 'I remember that one' or 'I hated that song, they played it all the time'.

That's it for me.  Off I go.  What's on your this and that tap for today?


  1. Here's hoping fishing prospects improve. TV sucks, but for baseball and the Women's College World Series starts today so I have softball now. Here's my stuffs:

    THIS is the day I get NIGHT FIRE formatted and uploaded--as soon as I get off the blasted intrawebz...

    I don't really have a that. I'm totally focused on that...and the intrawebz. LOL I do have to hit the grocery store and I'll make a Starbucks stop.

    Oh, patoot! I have to write a freaking blurb. Now THAT causes me a great deal of angst. *whine* Off to work now...

    1. LOL, I discovered that even when the MLB blocks a game, it's usually hiding up in the pay channels somewhere. Took me 4 years to find that. Got to watch the whole series of Yankees/Royals recently. Yay. And yay for your softball!

      As soon as it's up, let me know so I can snag my copy.

      Ack. Blurb. Send it over when you get it written, if you want. I'll help if I can.