Thursday, January 5, 2017

Thursday This n That

I switched keyboards yesterday.  My old one had many of the letters rubbed off.  This one is different enough that it's kind of freaking my fingers out.  But I'll get used to it.  I always do.

It's too cold to fish.  I had a small window of not-cold day before yesterday, but I missed it.  This is bumming me out a little.

For Christmas, I got myself a new Bird-a-Day calendar.  Today's bird is the peregrine falcon.  Yay!

Yesterday, I put a general call out on FB for book recommendations.  I asked people to recommend books that haven't gotten enough well-deserved lovin'. So far, I've picked up three new books on the recommendations of FB friends and I started one yesterday.  It's a fast read and it's fun.  Just what I needed.  (BTW, it's Death by High Heels by Violet Ingram.)  The others I got were Time's Enemy by Jennette Marie Powell (free right now) and Sleepy Hollow: Rise Headless and Ride by Richard Gleaves.  I still have gift card money, so is there anything you might recommend?

The above kind of jump starts the resolution that I failed on last year - new to me authors who haven't quite gotten the lovin' they deserve.  We'll see how it goes this year. 

A friend of mine recommended a book that looked really interesting, but it was $7 for the ebook.  I wishlisted it because that's too rich for my blood right now.  I used to think nothing of slapping $7 for a paperback.  Now?  Yeah, the thought of that tweaks my miserly soul.  I got three books yesterday for under $5.  Maybe when I'm more financially fluid $7 per book won't make me nauseous.

We're supposed to get snow today.  Yah, like a tenth of an inch.  They're getting more to the north of us, which is bringing school closings.  Here?  Nada yet.  Yay.  I could be totally happy if we got no snow this year.  A dusting would be okay, though.  Hell, an inch or two wouldn't be awful.  As long as the temperatures don't dive to ungodly low levels.  And as long as I had plenty of warning so I could make sure all our staples are stocked up.  It's insanely hard to get out of the neighborhood when there's a lot of snow.  All the hills, ya know.

Well, that's it for me.  What have you got?


  1. Trying to think of authors you'd like that we don't already share... I'll cogitate.

    I'd look into your local library system and Overdrive for ebooks. Just sayin'. Sometimes I get lucky and a book that intrigued me but not enough to shell out big books for will be available.

    I need a new keyboard, too, but I'll struggle along with this one for awhile. If I replace it, it will be with the same. Gotta have my ergo/split or I can't type.

    Freakin' cold here. Chance of like half an inch of white stuff overnight. We'll see. Supposed to go to a Hawaiian Luau theme "dress the part" banquest tomorrow night. Yeah. Not happenin' with a low of 10!

    It's noon and I haven't done nuthin' work-related. I need to get on that. I do have beef stew on simmering for dinner tonight. That's something, right? work!

  2. I think manufacturers have shortened the standard keyboard a smidge. My fingers definitely don't land where they used to. I got used to it, but I still know it's off.