Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday Update - Week 3

Hello again and welcome to the Sunday Update with your host, B.E. Sanderson.

This past week, the nation saw a new episode of Adults Behaving Badly.  Personally, I had work to do and personal stuff to accomplish.


I got the first round of edits on Natural Causes almost to completion.  All I have left on this one is to rewrite that last chapter.  Which I will do today.  If I can figure out the best plan of attack for it.  I have one loose end to tie up and a denouement thing wherein all will be made clear.  I do not want this to end with anything even remotely akin to a cliffhanger.  There may be subsequent books, which I hope you will someday want to read but not because you are dying to find out what happened about X and Y.  I fucked up and unintentionally did that with Up Wish Creek, and I regret it.

Personal Stuff:

I read a neat book called Sleep Hollow: Rise and Ride Headless.  It was totally engrossing. 

I went fishing three times last week.  Wednesday was a bust.  Friday and Saturday were good days. 

On one of those fishing days, I had an interesting interaction with a couple of older dudes.  They said they were killing time.  That's cool.  We chatted about fishing.  Also cool.  Then one of them kept asking questions about where I lived.  I was vague as always.  Over that way.  Down the river.  Above the flood line from last year.  Yada yada yada.  Then he got a little weird and said something snotty like I was offending him by not trusting him enough to tell him where I lived.  Dude, in this world, no one gets to know where I live.  Hell, it was one of the first things my mother taught me - strangers do not get to know where you live.  It's stood me in good stead for almost 47 years and I see no reason to change. Anyway, he chilled out and pointed out where he thought was a good place to catch bluegills before the two of them went on their merry way.

I made a variation of steak pizzaola yesterday.  It was a bust.  Not quite sure what happened, but the roast I used (instead of steak because it was cheaper) turned into a yucky, stringy, chewy mess and the sauce was bleh.  Of course, my go-to sauce is no longer available at my local Wallyworld and everything else I try is yuck.  (The roast isn't to blame either.  I bought a big one and cut it in half.  The first half was made into pot roast and it was tender and yummy.  The second half died an ignoble death drowned in mediocre sauce.)

Seeing loads of deer, turkeys, and eagles right now.  All of that makes me immensely happy. 

That's it for me.  What's up with you?


  1. Yeah, I didn't see much adulting over the last couple of days from a large segment of the people the legacy media decided to cover. I'm ready for life to return to normal so I don't have to fight urge to get on FB and slam the hypocrites. I'm typing this here so help get it out of my system. LOL

    I figured out the timeline on my WIP was all wrong. I mean ALL wrong. It's due in New York in 10 days. *headdesk* That said, I did figure out the redeeming moment and last chapter, which is almost written. I have to add the hero's POV and then that chapter is done. Then I have to go back and fix the dates/days from the new timeline in the first half of the book. The good news is, I have to add a chapter or two to that part. And now that things are straight in my head, Iffy should stop fighting me and new words will flow to round out the rest. I need to get off the 'net and get to work. Them words ain't gonna write themselves.

    Oh, rain finally came this morning. We need it and I like gray days for work. Hope you get some fishing in. Later, tater!

  2. Like Silver I'm trying to wait it out until the drama club finishes letting off steam. Enough already. I go to Facebook to look at funny dog pictures and see what my friends are doing. If they talk politics, I skip their posts entirely.

    re: creepy old men
    I hate when people get creepy like that. I have asked people where they live but I only want to know which town, not their street address. In Texas we drive quite a bit. It's not unusual to meet someone from two hours away.

  3. Adults? What adults?

    Yuck to creepy, nosy dudes.
    Yay to deer, turkeys, and eagles! And to edits!

    I'm still recovering from the crud. Still sleep too much and read too much. But I got a little work done last week, and plan to get more words written this week.