Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saturday Fishing Report - 1/28/17

Okay, so last Fishing Report, I reported a landmark no-skunking fishing trip on Friday the 20th.  It was followed by a repeat on Saturday.  Same spot.  Same method - worm on a #2 hook set about 5' deep and about 10-15' from shore.  Same results.  Only this time I caught a 12" spotted bass and two small panfish about 4 and 5 inches respectively.  Both days the air temp was in the low to mid 60s and the water temp, according to the locals, was running in the upper 40s. 

I also went fishing on Tuesday, but that was a bust.  I started out at about 10am.  Sunny skies.  Unseasonably warm.  Calm.  The calm didn't last long.  The wind picked up to the point where casting out into the river was a crap shoot.  And when I could get the worm into the right places, no bites. 

The temperatures dropped out on the rest of the week, so I stayed home.  Which brings me to another subject...  Why I don't ice fish.

Now, when I was a wee lass in Michigan, I did have the occasion to go out ice fishing with my father.  I only remember once, but my memory for back then is swiss cheese, so there may have been more times.  I remember being cold.  I do not remember catching anything. 

Reason 1 for not ice fishing: COLD.  Since I'm no longer a wee lass, I can no longer shrug off the cold.  I don't like it and I don't want to.  Plus, it makes my joints ache.  Not worth it.  Not for me.

Reason 2?  Table Rock Lake is not a lake, strictly speaking.  It's a river that's been backed up by a dam.  Thus, it's always flowing and never freezes - at least not anywhere I've seen and even if I did happen to see a place that looked frozen over, I wouldn't want to walk on it and fall to my frigid, watery death. Thank you very much.  Not worth the risk.  Nut-uh. No way.

So, chances are you will never see an Ice Fishing Report here.  Not from me, anyway.  If I thought my Michigander brother had any inclination to guest post, perhaps that would be your chance to see anything about ice fishing here.  He ice fishes.  He posts pics on FB of his catches.  I'm happy for him.  But he's a hardier human than I. 

And that's it for this week's fishing report.  Take some time this week to enjoy the outdoors, even if you can't drown worms.


  1. ROFL! Best report to date! Okay, they're all good but this one? I'm sitting here shaking with laughter. I hope you can convince him to guest post!

    My joints are aching so I'll just enjoy nature by looking out my window...with occasional forays out for feeding wild critters and feral cats. :)

    1. LOL, thanks. Don't hold your breath. My brother is busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. He fishes to step away from it all and I don't think he wants to write about it. ;o)

      Oh, yeah, definite joint aching around here. Try glucosamine. It helps, but it takes a little time to start working.