Saturday, January 21, 2017

Saturday Fishing Report - 1/21/17

Finally.  I was NOT skunked on a fishing trip.  Yesterday afternoon, I went out about 2pm to that same spot where I caught that walleye.  I fishing all over that place alternating between the same worm and a few lures for about 2 hours.  Nada.  Then I went back to the place where I caught the walleye.  At that time of the day, it was mostly in shade with a little wind.  Gnarly.  I started getting bites almost immediately, but I wasn't sealing the deal.  So, I went to a smaller hook.  (I was on a #1.  I think I went to a #2 - smooth shank because my stupid Wallyworld stopped carrying the 2s in a baitholding shank.  Bastards.)

Two, three casts and I got something hefty.  I wasn't entirely sure what it was, but it was fighting good, so I guessed either a walleye or a bass.  But it didn't jump, so I was leaning toward walleye.  Nope.  Bass.  Largemouth to be exact.  A thirteen-incher.  And FAT.  Little pudge-ball must be gorging on crawdad babies or something.  (Can't say exactly what the poundage was.  I don't carry a scale with me.  There's a chart at In Fisherman that says it was about 1.16 lbs.  Figure in the fatness and I'm gonna say 1.25 for that dude.)

About twenty minutes later, I caught a green sunfish that was a helluva fighter.  I figured I had a meal there for sure.  Nope.  Only 6".  Too bad it wasn't an inch or two bigger.  Thems good eatin'.

So, here's the skinny.  They were all biting about 5' deep and only about 10-15' from the shore, off chunk rock banks sloping toward the main channel of the river, at nearly dusk.  On nightcrawlers.  Better bite off the head half than the tail half.  Go figure.

Still, a beautiful day at the lake.  And I did finally catch some fish after over a month of total skunking.  Might go out again today.  We'll see.

Until next week, have many beautiful days and enjoy some quiet time in the outdoors, if you can.

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  1. Right back at'cha and may the fish be biting, my friend. I'm going fishing for words because we're due rain. But that's okay. We need the rain and I'm one of those weird people who've been known to go out and dance in it... ;)