Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saturday Fishing Report - 1/14/17

Hey, All, and welcome to the fishing report for less than competent anglers.  Or maybe just lazy fisherman.

I only got out once this past week and caught nada.  I did have something totally strip a big nightcrawler off my hook, but I never saw the bite and when I cast back to the same location, it had either moved on or it was full.

Anyway, since I don't have anything scintillating to say, here are a few links to the people I go to when I want to learn about fishing...

Eric Prey - YouTube videos - He runs a guide service out of Branson, MO.  Straight, to the point, and no nonsense.  He tells where they are and what they're biting on.

Peter Wenners - YouTube videos - TRL fishing guide. He's a knowledgeable guy and has some great insights into the lake.

Timmy Horton - TV Show and Facebook videos - I just found his shows on NBC/SN and I really enjoy his presentation.  Loads of actual fishing and he tells you what he's using without making the whole show sound like one long infomercial.  I'm also following him on FB now and his show videos are awesome.

Ozark Anglers TRL Forum - local people posting about their fishing adventures.  What works for them, where it's working, pictures of the fish they're catching, local fishing news.  Good stuff.

I also watch Roland Martin, Jimmy Houston, etc.  The calm fisherman.  Can't stand the LOUD fishing dudes.  And I'm totally off watching Lindner.  He's all commercial and no fishing.  Like I said, I can tolerate a little product endorsement, as long as they show actual fishing.  The last time I watched Lindner, it was all product pimping and as soon as someone hooked a fish, they went to commercial.  Nope.

That's it for me this week.  I'd tell y'all to go drown some worms, but it's too freakin' cold.  Stay home, drink some cocoa, and watch fishing videos instead.  Spring will be here soon enough. 

Oh, and in case you missed it, I posted a recipe for Baked Crappie on Tuesday.  Good eatin'.


  1. Looks like a partial warm up next week. The water should be cold but the air warm enough to drown some worms for hungry fish.

    Have to admit the only time I watch fishing shows is when I fall asleep with the TV on and I wake up to one. LOL Stay warm and dry! Our Icemageddon didn't really materialize--thankfully--though I-40 keeps getting shut down due to 18-wheeler wrecks (including a fatality :( ) in the western part of the state. Me? I have too many words to write to get out in it.

    1. Here's hoping.

      LOL, yeah, fishing shows aren't really for anyone but people who fish. And they can be pretty boring even then.

      Staying warm and dry here. No ice here either. :fingers crossed for no ice at all for both of us: