Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thursday This n That - Opinions Edition

I'm just gonna throw this out there.  Snape is not a romantic figure.  He's a stalker.  He couldn't have Lily, so he watched her from afar for years.  He was so obsessed his patronus charm became the same as hers.  He took his inability to have her out on her kid.  Yeah, if he really secretly cared about Harry, why the hell did he put Griffindor's sword under the ice of a river in the middle of the freakin' winter when he could've left it under a tree or a pile of leaves?  He was a snotty little boy who grew up into a snotty little man, and trying to make him into a heroic figure cheapens heroism.

The bullies of the world have gotten away with name calling for so long, it's now natural for the world to believe them when they call someone a name.  Especially when several of them gang up together.  And if you don't back down when they call you a name, they're happy to try to pound you into the ground so you'll give them your lunch money (or your self-esteem or your voice or your beliefs).  But the same holds true now as it did back on the playground.  Them calling you a name doesn't make it true.  And fuck them.

I'm sick to death of the rampant man-bashing going on right now. All these commercials where the wife is smug and superior while the husband is incompetent?  Yep, cut that shit out, too.  If the roles were switched and the commercials made the woman out to be stupid, there'd be such a public outcry it would be deafening.

For that matter, I'm tired of people who are supposed to love each other bashing on each other.  Then again, I've been tired of that crap for years.  I used to videotape weddings.  Yeah, you know where I'm going.  Cramming cake in your new spouse's face isn't funny and it's a shitty way to start what ought to be a lifelong partnership.  It's disrespectful and mean-spirited.  Cut it out. Maybe that's why people seem to think it's okay to say snotty, nasty things about their significant others - they started out being disrespectful.  Bleh.

Ugh.  That's enough. 

One final opinion... It was a beautiful day yesterday and it's going to be a beautiful day today.  Every day you wake up is a beautiful day, regardless of what else might be going on in your life or the world.  The alternative to waking up is dead.  And that's unacceptable.

Now, shoo.  Go enjoy your life.  Accomplish something.  Gaze at something pretty.  Sing a song.  Dance around the house.  Pet a furbaby.  Kiss someone.  Hug yourself.   (And if you've got something negative stuck in your craw that's preventing you from seeing the positives in life, let it out for petesakes*.)

*Just remember that if you're letting it out here, comments are subject to approval. =o)


  1. I'm tired of the man-hating and man-bashing too. It's getting ridiculous. I was a feminist long before these other yahoos. We fought for equality by working harder and proving we were every bit as qualified as our male counterparts. We didn't go around putting on disgusting hats and screaming like banshees.

    If you want to make a point, prove it by example.

  2. Good point, Maria. Unselfish action speaks louder than rhetoric.

    "Feminists" never did a blessed thing for me or my career, except make it tougher. FYI, I was one of the first two women to letter in a men's college sport YEARS before Title 9 was even a gleam in someone's eye. I grew up in a traditionally male industry and ran a company. I worked in law enforcement and the fire service when women were still a minority.

    A female SNL writer bullies a 10 year old boy. A once-iconic singer wants to burn down the White House. Other Hollywood actresses fill the air with expletives far worse than any said by the man they are protesting. Some alleged internet comic derides a lovely woman for being a legal immigrant who speaks English as a second language, in addition to her native Slovenic and THREE OTHERS FLUENTLY. And a certain segment of the population (female AND male) finds all this acceptable? Makes me ashamed of my gender AND the party I grew up in. I'm done with all of them and their hypocrisy.

    The above opinions are my own. Thank you for letting me get them off my chest.

    On a more positive note, the sun rose this morning. Light teases the sky earlier each day and the twilight lingers, keeping the dark at bay.

    I should hit my deadline. I'm looking forward to writing the next three books in the pipeline.

    I have coffee, and I can go buy groceries today. I have books to read. I have family and friends and furbabies. Life if pretty darn good at the moment. Not perfect but perfectly liveable.