Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday Update - Week 4

Wow.  Looking back, Week 4 is a blur.  So let's work backward and see if I can't cobble that sucker back together...

Let's see.  Yesterday I spent the morning scrubbing floors by hand.  I was going to use my Swiffer WetJet thingie, but the little battery must've died.  No squirties.  So, I got out the tub of Clorox wipes and went to town.  The kitchen is done.  And that spot under the rug in the foyer because ew.  I also shook all the rugs.  Then I took a shower because between washing floors and shaking rugs, I was filthy.  The rest of the day I focused on laying around feeling ouchie.

Oh, wait, I did some editing work first thing.  Round 2.  Got the first page and a half of notes entered.  Later in the day, I did another page and a half of notes.  I'll enter those this morning.

And, oh yeah, I did finish Round 1 of the edits last week.  Got that last chapter rewritten.  Yay.

I read Silver James' Crash & Burn last week.  I haven't started any other books because I'm using my Kindle for editing.  Although, I guess I could use the old Kindle for editing and read on the new one.  Or I could pick up one of my hardcopy books and read that...  Derp.

Spent a couple hours fishing.  It was nice to be out at the lake, but then the wind came up and I really didn't feel like fighting the wind, so I came home.

Other than that?  We're hunkering down and holding tight in the chaos.

How were things for you last week?


  1. Thank you! I'm honored mine was the book you read. My week is not so blurry--it's been all DEADLINE!!!!!! OMGWTFBBQDEADELINE!!! !!!! !!!!!

    The good news is I have one or two scenes to finish first thing this morning, then I have 2 1/2 days for the hard edit/revisions to fit new timeline, make sure internal/external conflicts are there, along with chemistry.

    I've read a couple of books, mostly contest reads I can't talk about. I didn't go fishing. I did go to Walmart. Does that count for watching "wildlife"? ;)

    Okay, back to work...after another cup of coffee.

    1. You keep writing awesome books and I'll keep reading them! I hope you got your scenes finished yesterday. Good luck with the hard edit/revision phase! LOL, yes, Walmart does count as watching wildlife.

      Now, go. Drink coffee and create worlds. :hugs:

  2. Hi BE, sorry for my absence lately. I've been deeply involved in moving up North. I'm now ensconced in my temporary rental and unpacking boxes. How many books can one woman have? Er, a lot apparently and they're heavy!! Now I've just got to find a job!!

    1. Hi Fran! I wondered where you'd got to. I totally forgot you were moving right now. :hugs: I feel your pain. LOL about the books - they are the worst to move. Good luck on the job hunt!