Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday Update - Week 2

Welcome to 2017 Week Two... Son of Week One.

It was a cold and dreary week here in SW MO.  (Wait... never start a story with the weather... Oh, screw it.)

In writing news, I did start inputting the edit notes for Natural Causes.  Just not last Sunday like I said I was going to.  Actually, I started Friday.  And worked like a champ then through last night.  Eighty-one pages edited, lame shit deleted and replacement scenes rewritten, typos fixed, timeline issues fixed, etc.  That amounts to 6 pages of handwritten notes done.  Eight pages to go - including rewriting the final chapter.  It's sitting at just over 60K words right now.  I expect that to go up a bit, but not a huge amount.  Unless that new last chapter ends up being way longer than the old version.  I should be able to get with my editor by the end of the month.  Fingers crossed her February is open.

I read three books last week.  Okay, I read two complete books and finished the one book I had started back in December.  One of those complete books fits my resolution to read 'new-to-me', less-than-popular authors.  Actually, if I remember right, it was a debut.  It was also by someone I've been blog following for years but lost touch with when they went to a sporadic blogging schedule.  (Good thing I still follow their blog, or I never would've seen that they published a book.)

I did go fishing once.  The temperature had gotten warmer, so I gave it a shot.  All I can say is that it was a lovely day.

We lost internet for a while on one of those days.  The day I went fishing, whichever that one was.  This provided an excellent opportunity to do some cleaning.  LOL

The ice storm they predicted never did hit here.  Loads of rain, but the temps stayed above freezing for us.  I feel really bad for everyone who actually got the ice.  And I hope they're okay. 

Wasted some time on genealogy stuff.  It's amazing how willing I am to dive into genealogy when I'm avoiding editing.  LOL.  I don't have the fundage for Ancestry right now, so I'm applying my Google-fu - which takes longer but can still be effective.

That's it for me over here.  How's stuff over there?

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  1. We have a little ice over here. We were right on the edge of "this is a little dicey" and "OH $H!+!!!" We have some ice on the trees but not enough to do damage, our power never flickered, and I have no excuse for not hitting my word counts.

    Speaking of...I'm not quite half-way done with my current WIP. I've figured out a couple of minor black moments, wrote THE black moment, but I haven't figured out how the h-e-double hockey sticks I'm going to get the H/H back together. Gah! It'll all work out in the next two weeks. I have no choice. LOL

    Words are my life at the moment. But that's okay. What else would I be doing...laundry...housecleaning... ;)