Thursday, October 29, 2015

This n That Thursday

I rock at Jeopardy when I'm at home, but I know if I ever tried to go on the show, I'd totally blank out. 

It's harder to find positive things to talk about when the cat won't eat. 

Ever wonder how you'd feel if you threw a party and no one came?

Walking in cooler weather seems easier, but my ass still hurts when I get home.

Early in the morning, I'm more likely to dream about emails or computer stuff.  I'll dream about checking my book stats and finding a huge spike in sales - which is just mean.  I'll dream I hit the bestseller lists.  This morning I dreamed I got an email from my cover artist telling me that after all the stuff we went through, my font is totally not going to work and she's going back to the old font.  Of course, when I wake up, none of these things are true.  I'm definitely not psychic.

I heard something on FB about walnut shells driving away spiders. It seemed doubtful, so I went online to check.  The opinions are mixed.  I also heard something about osage oranges driving away rodents which seems totally whacky since squirrels tend to munch on the weird looking things.

I had never seen an osage orange until last month. Hubs and I went to the lakeside park and when we were driving around I saw what I thought was a tree covered in huge, green apples.  We parked and walked over to it. Nope, not apples.  Hubs knew what they were, though.  Seriously weird looking fruits.

The vet prescribed L-Lysine for both cats. Max for his mouth and Kira for her eyes. It's a mineral supplement for humans, but is okay for cats, too.  Apparently it helps with tissue health and growth. :shrug:  We'll see.  At this point, I'm willing to try just about anything.  Lucky for me, Walmart carries a pill crusher.  Now I have to convince both cats to eat the food mixed with the crushed pill.  :eyeroll:

What on your this-n-that today?


  1. The neighbor is poisoning squirrels. They fall in my yard. I was tempted to throw the body over the fence but his dogs were out and I'm not mean. Mine won't "chew" but it's still a pisser.

    Our big screen TV died. My office TV is now in the family room. Hopefully it can be fixed because the funds are there to replace it. Ah, the joys of being self-employed.

    It's supposed to rain and be cold tomorrow. I'll finally get to make chili. Yay!

    Today is the out loud read of THE DEVIL'S CUT looking for those last pesky bits that need to be fixed before final formatting and uploading. Sadly, I have many errands to run because rain tomorrow. Ah well. As I have no TV in the office, nothing to distract me. Silver linings, right?

    I wonder if there are recipes for Osage oranges? I wish we had wild possum grapes here. I'd pick them and make Chickasaw grape dumplings. They can be made with grape juice but I like having the fruit. Maybe I'll mess around with store grapes and juice and see if I can finagle a recipe. They're an awesome dessert.

    Despite everything bad this week, it was a good week. Only got an awesome new job, starts next week. And tomorrow is her birthday. S'all good. *nods*

    1. Oh that's just rude. They're annoying and destructive little buggers, but they don't deserve to die (unless you live by my father's wisdom which was 'if you kill it, you better be ready to eat it'). Oh noes about your TV. Yeah, living on self-pub budget is an interesting animal.

      Yay for chili! And YAY for TDC! I can't wait until it's live. Drive careful in the rain and junk. I don't know about recipes. I think they're mostly fibrous stuff inside. Good for critters, not so much for people. Never heard of Chickasaw grapes. I wonder if they're like the wild grapes everywhere.

      YAY for Only! That is good news. And I'll have to remember to wish her a Happy Birthday tomorrow. =o)

  2. We call them hedge apples around here.
    I'm actually cooking dinner tonight! Shock, gasp, I know. Ah, but it's an easy dinner--spaghetti. Easing my way back to the kitchen. Thought I should get reacquainted with it. Haha!

    1. I learned today that they have a lot of names. Weird things - it's no wonder people can't figure out what to call them.

      I hope dinner went well for you. Good luck easing back into the kitchen again! And now I want spaghetti. =o)

  3. It's been a wet & wild week here, weather wise. Very autumnal and beginning to get cold.

    It's also been a worrisome week. Eldest son came home after a weekend at his Dad's not feeling good. Made him go to the Doc as he has Crohns Disease and I was sure it was a flare up. He was diagnosed at 15 and had emergency surgery when the medication didn't work and his bowel perforated in several places. He had 25cm removed and thankfully has been totally fine since, so this was a worry. After blood tests, he's been put back on the Prednisolone and is feeling much better today. 8 years in without pain is good going and he's really lucky, compared to most sufferers so we're not complaining. Just worrying!!

    Now I want spaghetti too...

  4. I hope the kitties get well soon, both for you and for them. It's hard giving meds to cats.

    We've got rain again, which is never bad but we haven't quite dried out from last week. My next big project is sanding and repainting all the kitchen cabinets. I need several nice dry and sunny days for that.