Tuesday, October 6, 2015

26 Unpleasant Things I'd Rather Do Than Edit

1) Clean toilets
2) Pull weeds
3) Medicate the cat

4) Watch Bones reruns for the dozenth time because there's nothing else on.
5) Do the dishes
6) Use the internet to identify bug species
7) Plant iris bulbs. (My ass muscles are still complaining about that one.)
8) Plumbing repair
9) Dust
10) Walk around the outside of the house with a flyswatter, killing bugs - webworms and wasps, mostly.
11) Vacuum
12) Bathe the cats
13) Play 'what's that smell?' followed closely by 'locate the source of that smell'.
14) Check the sticky traps for spiders
15) Reorganize my office
16) Build an entirely new spreadsheet that does what three other spreadsheets are supposed to do
17) Book marketing
18) File
19) Wash all the glassware on all the chandeliers.
20) Scrub floors.  (Ri-ight, that expensive thingamajigger was so much easier than scrubbing by hand.  Hmph.)
21) Clean the bathrooms
22) Clean out the fridge
23) Discuss politics
24) Socialize
25) Walk up the big hill next to the house
26) Pull vines out of the trees

Regardless, I have editing to do and I shall do it.  But I'd really rather do something else.  On the bright side, though, when I get done, I'll have an awesome book to offer all y'all.  And hey, that's worth a little unpleasantness.  Right?

What are some things you avoid doing?  What are some unpleasant things you're rather do?


  1. Wow, you really don't want to edit, do you?

    I hate cleaning - of any sort but most especially the bathroom. I'll do anything rather than clean the bathroom. I'm thinking about investing in a cleaning firm once a month!!

    1. I love the writing part of writing, and I love the finished product, but the middle part where I have to fix stuff? Not so much.

      I'm with you there, Fran. I don't like cleaning either. And bathrooms are the worst. Still, I use cleaning to avoid editing. My house should be spotless by the end of the month. ;o)

  2. Folding clothes. Don't ask why. I don't mind sorting, sticking in the washer, moving to the dryer. I've trained myself to fold as I take them from the dryer but then they sit in the clothes basket. I have a mental block about picking up the stupid basket, walking to the bedroom, and putting the blasted clothes up. When I put the clothes away immediately? Yeah...totally procrastinating on the writing/editing/marketing.