Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Nature: What a Bitch.

I went out into the woods just now.  Just taking a peek to see what I have to do to clean off the trails I made last year.

Oh holy crap on a cracker.

Half a dead tree fell across the start of trail 2, bending a poor little buckthorn to the ground.  Moved that and propped the buckthorn up. A little tree (15-20ft long) uprooted and fell across the intersection of trail 2, trail 3, and auxiliary trail 1.  A large limb had also fallen near there. Moved the limb.  Needed more tools to move the fallen tree.  A large tree has fallen partway across trail 2 just past the crossroads. It's hanging about 7 feet above the trail. Only a smaller tree is holding it up. Trail 2 is unsafe to traverse until the tree is removed. Went down trail 3.  More fallen limbs and fallen trees.  Only made it halfway to the bottom before I gave up.  I can't even tell where my old trail was past that point.  It's like I was never in there to begin with - except for a couple places where I can tell I cut limbs. I don't even want to think about what trail 1 looks like.

You know, nature doesn't give a damn what we do. When our backs are turned, she waltzes through doing her own thing and generally messing with what we had intended.  Bitch.

Wait'll I get the pretty pink chainsaw I've always wanted.  I'll show her that I won't be denied.  I will have trails.  I will walk from the top of my property to the bottom without worrying whether I'll step on a rattler.  I will remove the dead shit so the living stuff can thrive! 

And then, of course, she'll play around again next summer and by autumn it'll all be messed up again.

Oh well, at least it gives me something to do when I need a break from writing.  =o)


  1. Mother Nature is like that, yeah she is. ;) Cross fingers we don't have ice storms this winter. That always makes it worse... *ducks and runs*

  2. Don't you think it's fantastically awesome that we humans, with our advanced technology, get our arses handed to us by Mother Nature on a regular basis? Bitch? Yeah, maybe but considering the shit we inflict on this planet, I think she's holding back.

    And speaking of weather, ours is wet & windy - perfect autumnal weather. Apparently we're going to have a white Christmas - woo hoo!!