Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Munday in the Life of This Writer

Munday* jumped me from behind, knocked me down, slapped me around, and kicked sand in my face. 

First I woke up to an internet slowness that would make you weep.  When I finally got my Gmail to load, I found an email from my cover artist with the first glimpse of WIOH's new cover, but I couldn't get it to load or download or anything.  I could see it in tiny thumbnail, but I wanted to see the whole thing and I couldn't.

By that time, it's late enough to call the tech support for the HIGH SPEED INTERNET that's currently making dial-up seem like a dream. I get someone who's talking so fast in an untraceable accent that I miss her name.  Ruby? Tootie?**  Other than talking too fast, she's not too bad.  However, on her end, she can't see anything wrong with my internet.  Must be the modem.  She's sending out a tech who'll be here before 7pm.  Okay, fine.  There goes my day online.  (It's worse for Hubs.  All of his work has to be done online.  I can at least go read or work offline on something.)

Time for the next chore: Making vet appointments for Max and Kira.  I tried three times and got a fast-busy signal - which made me wonder if the phone company was having a wider problem than just my slow internet.

So I called Mom.  But she was on another line dealing with a Monday of her own, so no time to talk.

Back to the vet.  I finally get through.  They don't have back to back appointments until Wednesday, and Max needs to get in sooner.  Sooo, I make an appointment for Max later in the day and one for Kira this afternoon.

Then I sit around staring and my computer, wishing for it to miraculously speed the hell up because I want to see my cover art!  And I need to check my sales data. No luck. 

I call Mom again.  She's finally free from her obnoxious chore.  We chitchat for a while - like we always do.  Until it's time for both of us to admit we probably should be doing other things.

I never realized how much I use the internet when I'm on the phone with her - looking things up that we talk about NOT doing stuff while she talks.  That would be rude.  I call my mom to talk to her.  But it was kind of annoying when I was relaying a story about a frog and couldn't go look up what kind of frog it was.

So anyway, I get off the phone.  Still crappy 'net.  I unload the dishwasher and wash the few things leftover from the night before.  Time to take a shower...

Except right then, the internet repair dude arrives.  They said 'before 7pm', so figured late afternoon at the earliest.  Don't get me wrong.  I was ecstatic to see him, but I was totally skagged out.  He comes in, plops himself down on the floor next to the router and gets to work.  He plugs his stuff into the router and it's all coming up daisies.  Well, fark.  So, he says it's the modem and begins swapping our 2 year old modem for a new one.  Yippy.  But when he tries to configure the new modem, he can't get the software to load because it's TOO SLOW.  He makes some calls, has another tech check some other stuff, does some magic, and announces something wrong with their big equipment.  Good news is I have internet again.  Bad news for him, he's got to check every piece of tech between the big box 5 miles away and our box in the neighborhood.  Might get some intermittent outages throughout the day, but it'll be fixed by the night.  Yay.

Shower time! Except it's also lunch time.  Eat first, shower after.  I have my priorities and growling stomach trumps clean hair.

So now I've eaten and I'm clean and I have an hour left before I have to jet down to the vet.  Chill out by watching a Bones rerun.  Get the cat into his harness, into the carrier and out to the car.  Off we go.  About 15 minutes down the road, I realize that I left the Max Daily Wellness Charts on the dining room table.  Find a safe place to pull over and park.  Call the Hubs and have him email the charts.  (He wasn't even mad at me.  Which he should've been.  He went through all that trouble, even putting them right next to my keys and pointing them out so I wouldn't forget.)  Off we go once more. 

The vet was jammed.  I was so tired I almost fell asleep in the exam room - because I missed my nap, dammit.  Max's recurring mouth infection is back and just a hair's breadth from going full blown.  New antibiotics, more steroids, and an over the counter supplement I need at Walmart.  Lucky for me, they held onto Max while I scooted over to the store.  Get that stuff, pick Max up along with his new meds, and skitter home. 

The rest of the day was a blur.  The internet is back to normal.  The cat is medicated and eating beef babyfood like it's Filet Mignon.  I got to see my lovely new cover and sent a couple minor tweaks off to the artist to see what she can do.  Font stuff mostly. 

By bedtime, I was bushed.  And for some reason my eyes felt like someone had thrown a handful of sand in them.  So, yes, Munday did thrown sand in my face after all.  ;o)

How was your Munday?

*MUNDAY - when it's so bad, it's not a normal MON type of day.

** for the record, her name was JOVI. I made her spell it for me.


  1. Ugh. I hate tech issues. I'm having that situation with my computer. Because it is old. And slow. Despite the fast DSL we have. At least the guy came early enough he could fix the real problem. I never get that lucky. LOL

    Crossing fingers for kitties. I hate when any of my three are under the weather. And here's hoping the week gets better for us all!

  2. Ugh, I hear ya there. Next year I'll probably invest in a new 'puter, but for now, we'll limp this one along. Yay for speedy DSL guys. I heaped a huge helping of kudos on the one yesterday.

    Oh, the kitties will be what the kitties will be. Max's mouth has been a five year mission. He's eating babyfood until the meds kick in and he's comfy enough to eat catfood again. And Kira's having allergy problems with her eyes which is more uncomfortable looking than an emergency.

    Thanks! :hugs:

  3. Wow that was some Monday. My laptop dates back to 2006 and so is now a dinosaur. I'm use the ipad all the time and only get the laptop out if I want to listen to an audio book, or download a new e-book, or open my iTunes account. I keep saying I'll invest in a new one, but it seems a waste to spend £300 when my old one is still going strong - slow but strong!

  4. Your Monday sounds like an entire week.

    I'm sorry your kitties aren't feeling well, especially poor Max. He's had the roughest year.

  5. The computers at work have been that slow the last couple days and the tech guys are no closer to figuring it out. So I TOTALLY feel you on that. It's all I can do not to punch somebody. Glad you got new meds for the kitty. Can't wait to see the new cover!!