Thursday, October 15, 2015

This n That Thursday

I finished the edits my editor sent me.  Now I just have a couple little things to find and change before I send it off to her on Friday night.  Yay!

I walked around the yard talking pics yesterday morning.  Here are my new mums:

Eight in all - in that order and then in reverse order.  (The last ones were supposed to bloom redder. And yes, the white ones look like daisies, but they're mums. Honest.)

Dying Embers is on sale for 99 cents - here in the US and in the UK.  Go grab a copy.  Gift a copy to your friends.  Send one to the old boyfriend or girlfriend who cheated on you in college.  You know, as a remembrance.  ;o)

LOL, no, I wouldn't do that last thing.  What's passed is in the past.  Fun thing to think about sometimes, though.  "Hey, Dork! Remember me?"  ROFL

I have a bug bite on my arm that will not go away.  It's not big and it's not painful.  Not a mosquito or a spider.  It just itches like crazy.  Bleh.

Did I mention my edits?  I'm a little cwazypants right now.  Edit brain and all that rot.

Anyway, what's the this n that in your life right now?


  1. This: I'm trying to finish making only my second garment, a top, for a wedding tomorrow (Friday) - doh!

    That: got a wedding tomorrow - woo hoo!

    Reading: Robyn Peterman's Handcuffs & Happily Ever Afters books. Just about at the end of book 2, Size Matters, and my sides ache from laughing.

  2. This: I WILL have TDC's first draft done by tomorrow. I'll see your cwazypants editing brain and raise you a double deadline brain. ;)

    That: My Cards are out of the playoffs, go Cubs, and dang but the Jay's/Ranger's game was EPIC! Heh. I thought Canadians were supposed to be polite!

    This: Temperature is supposed to hit 91 today. ARGH! Cold front comes through and only 70 tomorrow. It's about freaking time!

    That: I'm on a comfort read kick (did I mention deadline brain?) but since I've already done the In Death experience twice already this year (including just a month ago), I'm going for other series I enjoyed and don't have to think about to enjoy. Call me lazy. And shallow. Oh, and I just upped my Goodreads challenge. I was at 197 out of 200. I bumped my total to 210. Will probably have to bump it again.

    And that's all, folks! Back to work.