Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I'm editing and my deadline is Friday.

I'm working with a new cover artist to bring my genie series together as a cohesive unit.

I'm working on a few things to generate sales.

I'm trying to keep a clean... err... tidy house.

Max is a rollercoaster of 'feels good kitty' and 'crashing kitty'.

It's college football season.

I'm 10 books behind in my reading challenge.

The squirrels won't leave my iris bulbs alone so I keep having to replant.




Baseball playoffs

I need exercise of some sort so I don't meld with my desk chair.

Dishes... who keeps using all those dishes??

Kira wants out on the sun porch, even though I moved her special secret water into the office.

Author interview.


We need food in the house.

Hubs is working on something at the computer kitty-corner from me.

Leaves need raking.

Max killed a mouse.

There's a centipede on the ceiling.

The neighbor's new truck is loud.

I forgot to write that blog post.

My coffee needs refilling.

:wanders off:


  1. Wait. Have you been looking over my shoulder?

    *wanders off to get coffee*